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The two youths who stole the LED were tied to a rope and dragged, tied to a power pole and beaten with belts and sticks.

Two thieves were tied up and killed: 

Both thieves also claimed to have shot at them
Police found an LED and a weapon, two cartridges and two motorcycles

A video of two youths being molested in the Jurhara police station area of ​​Bharatpur in Rajasthan has gone viral. Some people tied the young men to electricity poles and beat them up. This video is from June 24. 

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Villagers say two youths were stealing an LED from Kanchanner village. In these circumstances, the villagers arrested both the accused and handed them over to the police. Police have seized stolen goods and weapons from the accused.

The video of the two youths being beaten up has gone viral, with some people brutally beating up the two youths by tying them to electric poles. The villagers tied up both young men. He was then dragged by a rope with a lightning pole and tied. Both were beaten with belts, ropes and sticks.

Youths began firing on the villagers
accused villagers of both young Cakir and Bilal were kancananera village on the night of 23 June. Both the villagers started fleeing by stealing from the house, although some villagers woke up and chased the two youths.

 The two youths also opened fire on the villagers at this time. Both the youths were arrested and handed over to the police in the morning. Sakir and Bilal were residents of Punhana in Nooh district of Haryana.

Mukut, in-charge of Jurhara police station, on the other hand, said that information was received on the morning of June 24 that two thieves had been arrested by the villagers. When police arrived there, they found an LED and a weapon, two cartridges and two motorcycles. Both the accused were arrested.

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