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The young man fell heavily to do photography, the train suddenly came on the railway track and… -Watch the heartbreaking video

The craze for photography is on the rise among the youth nowadays. Young people are now doing new things for photography. But these feats can sometimes be overwhelming. 

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Something similar happened in Jamnagar. Where the young man went to photograph with his Activa car on the railway track. However, the young man found it difficult to take photographs on the railway tracks.

It is learned that the train came suddenly while doing photography. And Activa was taken by Adfet. On the one hand the train was also coming at full speed. Just then a young man with his two-wheeler was on the railway track and a freight train arrived from the other side. When the young man had a hard time running away. However, his Activa GJ-10-CL-9297 was hit by a train.

ફોટોશૂટ કરવું પડી ગયું ભારે ફૂલ સ્પીડમાં આવતી ટ્રેન સનસનાટ ચઢી ગઈ બાઈક ઉપર

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

At present Saurashtra is running a level crossing awareness program on various railway lines including Jamnagar. So that the driver and guard were also alert. So an emergency brake was struck on the railway track over the whole incident. Which averted a major tragedy. The Activa vehicle was severely damaged in the incident. The entire incident is being investigated by the Railway Police.


The youth had gone to take a photo on the railway track with the vehicle and the sudden arrival of the train on the railway track soon made it difficult for him to run away. An attempt was made by the youth to stop the train by raising his hand. But at the last moment, the young man jumped off the side of the track and walked away. Which led to his rescue. On the other hand, the motorcycle came under the train and the dust was gone.

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