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This monkey is an expert in every housework, you can't believe your eyes after watching this video

The feat of monkeys is famous all over the world. They do not give a chance to imitate human beings. Taking care of her own children or entertaining someone by dancing, the monkey is considered to be at the forefront of such activities. Most people are very scared of monkeys. But today we are going to meet you such a monkey. Seeing him will make you want to come to your house too.

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Many videos of elephants, dogs, cats and monkeys go viral on social media. Looking at some, you will have a smile on your face, then looking at some you will even press your finger under your teeth. This type of video has recently gone viral on social media. In which a monkey is seen helping with household chores.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

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The video has been shared on his social media account by IRS officer Aman Preet. The video shows a woman chopping vegetables. A monkey is sitting next to him. After a while the female monkey is told to cut the vegetables. The monkey quickly cuts the vegetation as the gesture is received. Seeing his speed and efficiency, it seems that he is an expert in kitchen work.

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Everyone knows that women are very skilled and have the courage to do anything. But the video has taken everyone by surprise and social media users are commenting for the woman present in the video that she is a woman and can do anything. IPS Aman Preet has also emphasized on women power in the caption of the video. The video has been viewed more than seven and a half thousand times on Twitter in about 23 hours.

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