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This year Nath will leave for Nagarcharya, Lord Jagannath's 144th Rathyatra will leave at 7 am and return to Nijmandir at 12 noon

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Only 10 minutes stay in Mosal Saraspur, 150 sailors equipped to pull chariot in fast forward mode amidst public curfew
After returning to the chariot in the afternoon, the citizens will be able to see Lord Jagdish-Balbhadra-Subhadraji on the chariot in the Nijmandir
The entire SOP of Rathyatra departure will be conducted by the Chief Minister on DivyaBhaskar first thing in the morning


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Amid fears of a third wave of the Corona epidemic, Lord Jagannathji's 144th Rathyatra has finally been decided. This year Lord Jagdish will leave for Ahmedabad with brother Balbhadraji and sister Subhadraji and return to Nijmandir by 12 noon. This information has been given to DivyaBhaskar on the condition of anonymity by a high level person involved in the planning of Rathyatra every year. The 143rd Rathyatra could not start in Ahmedabad last year due to the Koro epidemic, but it has been decided that Bhagwan Nagarcharya will start this year. The government may announce the matter at the last minute. Public curfew is also being considered in the areas along the route during the departure of the chariot.

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The rathyatra will start but the trucks-akhada-bhajanmandali will not join
. However this year in the presence of police, journalists and a limited number of people Lord Jagannath will be seated in the chariot and will leave the town. According to personal sources, the 144th Rathyatra of Lord Jagannath will traditionally take place on July 12 in the presence of a limited number of people. However, trucks, arenas and choirs will not join the rathyatra this year.

Lord Mosal will reach Saraspur in 2 hours from Jamalpur
High-ranking sources told DivyaBhaskar that a limited number of sailors will pull the chariot to take the Lord to the township in the 144th Rathyatra this year. 


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Early in the morning, after the ceremony at the hands of the Chief Minister, the rathyatra will be held on the traditional route. But the chariot should not be parked anywhere along the way. The sailors will pull the chariot continuously and reach the Saraspur temple in one to two hours. BJP state president CR Patil will be present at the flag hoisting ceremony and Netrotsav on July 10.

The chariot will reach Saraspur around 11 pm.


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The chariot will stay in
Saraspur for 10 minutes, the mamru will be offered. After the chariot reaches Saraspur, it will not be like every year and God will invest only 10 minutes. The mammara ceremony will be completed in advance. The chariot will be dispatched immediately after offering Mameru to the Lord at Saraspur. The chariot will return to Nijmandir around 12 noon to 1 pm. In the afternoon, people will be able to see the Lord sitting in the chariot in the temple. All visitors will visit the temple according to social distance and guidelines.

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According to the tradition, people will be given offerings of Mug-Jambu.
However, according to the tradition, people will also be given offerings of Mug-Jambu during the Rathyatra. Preparations have been made for the rath yatra to be held in the presence of a limited number of people. The rathyatra is being discussed daily with top police officials and temple trustees as well as mahants. Leaders including Union Home Minister, Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Minister of State for Home Affairs will also be invited for Lord Jagannath's Rath Yatra.

Temple offerings moong been launched to adapt to
Jamalpur Lord Jagannath temple has been the case in order to begin preparations for the 144 th Jagannath Rath Yatra. Preparations have been started to accept the offerings of Mugan on the occasion of Rathyatra at Jagannath Temple. Mugs are being given by the people for offerings in the temple. According to temple sources, the sailors have also been instructed to pull the chariots of the three gods in the procession. A list of sailors who have received the vaccine has been requested.

Aries -

40 sailors with one chariot , all 150 sailors will be present only 40 sailors with one chariot vaccinated . A list of sailors has also been requested. Only about 150 sailors will be present. All 150 sailors will have been vaccinated. Before the rathyatra, the temple's mahant Dilipdasji, trustee Mahendra Jha and most of the servants serving in the Jagannath temple have taken the vaccine. Volunteers who join before the rathyatra will have to get vaccinated. For which a vaccination camp has also been set up in the Jagannath temple premises.

police are also preparing for Lord Jagannath's rathyatra, considering imposing a public curfew during the rath departure. Efforts have been made by the police for a possible plan for the rathyatra for over a month. In which police curfew, public curfew and general rath yatra are being considered. And plans and consideration have been carried out for the rath yatra to take place in any case. Foot patrol and flag march has been started in Kot area and other areas in Ahmedabad city. Head heavy elements are being detained along with it. Attempts are also being made by the police to hold a peace committee meeting at the police station on the way to the rathyatra.

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