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Tug of war between 'big heads': If you book from now on, taxis will come to Dhaba, not at the door; China challenges US dominance from Mars

In the latest pics from around the world: 

On a beach near Falmouth, parallel to the G-7 summit in Cornwall, Britain, Oxfam activists posed for a fight with the 'Big Heads' caricatures of G-7 leaders over the corona vaccine issue.

Taxi launch flying at a speed of 240 km per hour

Adam Goldstein (right) and Brett Adcock, co-CEOs of flying taxi company Archer Aviation, launched the company's all-electric flying taxi 'Maker' at Hawthorne in California. This flying taxi can fly at a speed of 240 km per hour. A 100 km. Can stay in the air for as long. It can seat 4 people, including the pilot. Adcock said flying taxis are capable of becoming an alternative to inter-city transportation, but only if it becomes affordable. The company hopes to launch Maker on a commercial basis in Los Angeles and Miami by 2024.

Unique fun of a trip to Skypod

The UAE's first high-speed electric sky pod is being tested at the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park. The four-seater U car takes less than a minute to complete the 400-meter test track. Its cost is less than Rs 14,600 per meter as compared to other normal transport systems. Its speed is 50 km per hour.


In the Dhaka Premier League, the umpire threw the stumps without giving out, even had a heated discussion; Video viral

China challenges US supremacy over Mars

China has raised its flag on Mars to counter US dominance. China's state media released images of the red planet on Friday. The images were sent to Earth by the robot Jurong, who was sent to Mars via the Tiananmen-1 spacecraft. The surface of the red planet is clearly visible in it. The Global Times claimed that the images sent from the Jurong rover proved that China's Mars mission had been a complete success.

Amazing beauty of nature!

This unique and beautiful picture of sunrise on the Isle of White Island in Britain is taken by Jamie Russell. The sun is shining in the south, but it is raining in the north.

Water in the bus or bus in the water!

Read in Gujarati news 

The stormy entry made by Megharaja in Mumbai has made the city streets water from the very beginning. However here City Bus tries in any case to provide the ‘best’ service. Looking at the picture here, one can understand what the condition of the city will be like after heavy rains. Inside the city bus, rainwater on the road seeps in like waves.

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