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Twitter's legal protection terminated:FIR against 9 people, including Twitter, in Ghaziabad case after security was lifted

Twitter has been accused of not taking any action on the video

In Ghaziabad, police have registered an FIR against nine people, including Twitter India and two Congress leaders. The FIR has been registered on the charge of giving communal color to the case. Twitter has been accused of not taking any action on such videos.

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 Police have registered an FIR against Mohammad Jubair, Rana Ayub, The Wire, Salman Nizami, Maskur Usmani, Sama Mohammad, Saba Naqvi, Twitter Communication India Pvt Ltd in the case. Ghaziabad police say Twitter has not taken any steps to remove the false tweet after the matter was fully clarified by the police.

Not following the rules has become too
much for Twitter Not following the new IT rules has become too much for Twitter. According to the news agency, Twitter has now lost its legal protection base in India. Twitter has not yet implemented the IT rules enacted by the government since May 25, after which the move was taken against it, meaning that even on Twitter, cases can now be registered under the IPC and police can also conduct inquiries.

FIR states that all these people gave a sectarian color to the incident without checking the truth on Twitter. The video went viral with the intention of disturbing the peace in the society and inciting the religious community. According to police, the incident was caused by a personal dispute between the victim and the rioting elements. It involved people from both the Hindu and Muslim communities, although the accused presented the incident in such a way as to create tension between the two religious groups.

What is the whole matter

Ghaziabad police in Uttar Pradesh had registered an FIR after a video of an old man named Abdul Sanad being beaten and indecently assaulted in the Loni area went viral. Action was taken on all of this for misrepresenting the incident as sectarian. An elderly Muslim man has been beaten and his beard cut off in a video that has gone viral on social media.

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According to police, the truth of the matter is somewhat different. The aged victim had given some amulets to the accused, which resulted in the accused killing the old man out of resentment. However, Twitter did not tag the video as manipulated media. Police also said that the FIR registered by the victim did not mention anything like chanting Jai Shri Ram and shaving his beard.


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Among those charged are Ayub and Naqvi, a journalist, while Jubair is the author of the fact-checking website Alt News. Apart from this, a case has also been registered against Dr Shama Mohammad and Nizami Congress leader. Usmani, a former president of the Aligarh Muslim University Students' Union, was fielded by the Congress in the Bihar Assembly elections in October-November last year.

Politics is also
happening in this case. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said such cruelty was a disgrace to both society and religion. He tweeted that I am not ready to believe that a true devotee of Shriram can do such a thing. Such cruelty is far from humanity and a disgrace to both society and religion.
Replying to this, UP Chief Minister Yogi Aditya tweeted, "Lord Shriram is the first Sikh - speak the truth, which you have never done in your life." It should be a shame that even after telling the truth by the police, you have started spreading poison in the society.

Did the government announce guidelines for social media?

1. All social media in India appoint its 3 officers, Chief Compliance Officer, Nodal Officer and Resident Gravens Officer. If they live in India. Their contact number is disclosed on the app and website.


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2. This platform also states what the mechanism for filing a complaint is. The officer will look into the complaint within 24 hours and inform the complainant within 15 days that his complaint has been acted upon and if not, why not.

3. Create a system through automated tools and technology to identify the content of rape, child sexual abuse. In addition to this, it is also necessary to know the information that has been removed from the platform before. Have enough staff to review and monitor the work of these tools.

4. The platform releases a monthly report. It contains information about the complaints registered during the month and the action taken against them. Also provide information on links and content that have been removed.

5. If the platform removes any catastrophic information, the people who created, uploaded or shared the content should be informed beforehand. The reason must also be stated. The user is also given the opportunity to appeal against the action of the platform. The grievance officer oversees the mechanism for resolving this dispute.

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