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Two friends walking near the road in Patan were blown away by a speeding car

Live video of the accident

The accident was captured on CCTV
Police made an offer to arrest the accused driver

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CCTV footage of an accident on Anavada Road in Patan has come to light, in which two friends were walking on the side of the road when a truck passed by and a car blew up the two pedestrians. Both pedestrians were injured in the car crash and were rushed to a hospital for treatment. 

After the accident, the driver stood up and fled instead of rushing him to the hospital. Police have registered a complaint on the basis of CCTV footage and are planning to arrest the driver.

Raichand Mohanbhai Patel and his friend Dilipsinh Dhirubhazala, a resident of Annapurna Society on Patan Anawada Road, were walking at night when the car collided. 

An unidentified driver was driving unattended from Patan to Anawada and hit Raichand Patel and Dilipsinh in the head-on collision, leaving Dilipsinh seriously injured when he hit Zala Fungolai on the road, who was shifted for immediate treatment. In this case, Raichand Patel had lodged a complaint against an unidentified driver.

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