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Two trustees of Kagdadi Ashram forced Mahant to die, 6 catastrophic videos of Bapu with two women! A serving, romance or honeytrap?

Suicide rates: Two trustees of Kagdadi Ashram forced Mahant to die, 6 catastrophic videos of Bapu with two women! A serving, romance or honeytrap?

Mahant Jayaramdas Bapu of Khodiyar Ashram committed suicide on June 1 (file photo).

Mahant Jayaramdasbapu of Khodiyar Ashram near Kagdadi in Rajkot committed suicide by consuming poisonous drug P on May 31.
Mahant's nephew-son-in-law and a friend blackmailed him for money

The mahant of Khodiyar Ashram in Kagdadi village on Morbi Road in Rajkot was mysteriously killed on June 1, police said. From the suicide note found in the room of Mahant Jayaramdas Bapu, two trustees of the Ashram Trust and Bapu's nephews Alpesh Solanki and Hitesh Jadav as well as Vikram Bharwad have been booked by the police for forcing them to die. It is also alleged that the accused took down 6 catastrophic videos of the abbot with two women and trapped them in a honeytrap, as well as suspected that the abbot was having an affair with a woman as a woman was coming to serve in the ashram. The police will then investigate these two issues.

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Made a catastrophic video with a woman a year and a half ago
. A suicide note was found in his room on June 6 after Bapu's mysterious death. The trustees of the Ashram Trust handed over a 20-page suicide note to the police. Police took statements from the trustees. According to the investigation, the police found out that a year and a half ago, the accused and trustees of the trust, Alpesh Pratap Solanki (Res. Pedhavada, Ta. Kodinar) and Hitesh Lakhman Jadav (Res. Prasnavada, Ta. Sutrapada, Dist. -Somnath) was blackmailing Bapu. The accused also snatched money from Bapu. Vikram Devji Sohla, a resident of Gandhigram in Rajkot, was helping the accused in the conspiracy.

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The case formed the SIT, employing a team of 4 police
said addressing a press conference today Rajkot Zone 1 of DCP Kumar Meena said that the SIT has been formed in this case. A total of four police teams have been formed. 2 teams of Crime Branch and 2 other teams of local police. The hospital's administrator and doctor will also be questioned in the matter. In the CCTV seized by the police, Vikram is seen going to the ashram on May 30 in the afternoon carrying firewood.

Rajkot's Vikram was beating Sohla Mahant (currently absconding).

Vikram Sohla of Rajkot beats Mahant on the night of June 30. Mahant had
been trying to settle the matter for some time, but on the night of June 30, Bapu had a quarrel with Vikram Sohla in which Vikram had beaten Mahant. Later, Bapu became mentally distressed. On the night of May 31, he went to the Gaushala hospital in the ashram and swallowed the medicine in his room. After swallowing a large quantity of drugs, Bapu went to sleep in his room. When Praveenbhai, a servant of the ashram, went to pick up Bapu at 6 in the morning, he saw that Bapu had fallen unconscious and he had vomited green, so he immediately informed the trustee Ramjibhai Limbasia, who lives in Kagdadi.


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While cleaning the mahant's room, a suicide note was found.
Ramjibhai came to the ashram and informed the trustees living in Rajkot, so the trustees rushed to the ashram and Bapu, who was unconscious, was shifted to Dev Hospital in Rajkot. Here the doctor pronounced him dead. It is estimated that Bapu died that night. Instead of informing the police, the trustees or doctors brought Bapu's body directly to the paper ashram and cremated his body in the ashram itself for darshan and the next day some trustees and Bapu's followers reached Haridwar to dissect the bones. The trustees returned the papers on June 6 after the dismemberment on June 3 and while cleaning Bapu's room, a 20-page suicide note written by Bapu was found.

The hospital issued a certificate that Mahant died of a heart attack.

Doctors have found out that someone's pressure is
noteworthy. Police investigation has revealed that Mahant had committed suicide by taking poisonous drug. Has grown. There is an argument that the doctors of the hospital have issued this certificate under the pressure of someone else.

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Bone and ash police will also send for DNA test.
The suicide note was handed over to Kuwadwa Road police. In the suicide note, it was revealed that Alpesh Jadav and Vikram Bharwad were taking money from the mahant and blackmailing him. Later, the police took the suicide note and another text written by Bapu's hand, whether Bapu himself wrote the suicide note or not. Sent to FSL for verification. On the other hand, to know if Bapu had taken any medicine, the evidence has also been sent to FSL as there were traces of green vomit on the pillows and rugs where Bapu died. The accused in the case have not been nabbed yet, so the police are forming separate teams to investigate. Police will also send Jayaramdasbapu's bones and ashes for DNA test.

Fed up with physical and mental torture, Mahant committed suicide.

A woman was coming to serve in the ashram
. Videos of Mahant Jayaramdas with two women were taken. Police found out that one of the women was coming to serve in the ashram. Now, the police have taken steps to get the names and addresses of the two women. The police will also investigate whether there was any role in blackmailing the abbot by taking statements from both the women.


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The whole sequence of events
- a catastrophic video of the abbot with a woman was shot a year and a half ago.
- Meanwhile, the accused snatched money and a car from the mahant.
- On May 30, Vikram Bharwad beat Mahant over a compromise.
- On the night of 31st May, Mahant swallowed a piece of medicine to give to the animal from the cowshed.
- On the morning of June 1, Mahant was shifted to the hospital, on the pretext of dying of a heart attack.
- Funeral was held in the ashram on June 2.
- On June 3, a mutilation took place in Haridwar.
- On June 6, when the trustees returned from Haridwar, a suicide note was found in the abbot's room.
- On June 8, Trustee Ramjibhai Limbasia lodged a complaint at the Kuwadwa Road police station.

File photo of accused Hitesh and Alpesh.

Accused took down six catastrophic videos of a woman with a mahant The police investigation has revealed that the suicide note of Mahant Jayaramdas revealed that the accused had six videos of a woman with a mahant in a catastrophic condition, showing that they were blackmailing the mahant. Currently, the police have received 1 video, the rest of the videos may come to the police after the accused is caught. Police did not say how the video came to be.

The accused fled from Kodinar before the police arrived. For the
last two days, various teams of Kuwadwa Road police have been searching for the accused who forced Mahant to die. Yesterday, a team reached Pedhavada in Kodinar in Gir-Somnath district and later reached the accused's house in Sutrapada's Prashnawada. But the accused had already got out of there. According to police, the accused have been absconding since Mahant's death.

The ashram has 10 trustees.

The Ashram Trust has a total of 10 trustees The
Khodiyardham Ashram Education and Charitable Trust of Kagdadi has a total of 10 trustees, the president of which was Sadhu Jayaramdas. The vice-president is Jitendrasinh Navghansinh Jadeja, a resident of Nandanvan Society on Kalavad Road in Rajkot, while Rajkot-based lawyer Rakshitbhai Vasantbhai Kachela is serving as the minister and Ramjibhai Jeshabhai Limbasia is the co-minister. Sureshbhai Ratnabhai Vachani, Pareshbhai Parasotambhai Harsoda, Jagdishbhai Ranchodbhai Vekaria and Alpesh Solanki and Hitesh Jadav, who are accused in the case, also act as trustees in the trust.

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Police did not add a pre-planned conspiracy clause. The
accused had blackmailed Jayaramdas Bapu with a video and conspired to extort money. The fact is also found in the complaint, but the police recorded an offense under Section 306 for forcing death and Section 114 of the Aid, but Section 120 (b) of the conspiracy was not added. It may also be that other clauses may be added after the accused are caught.

Earlier the land of the ashram was in dispute.

The land of the ashram was transferred to the trust a year ago.
According to sources, the land of Khodiyardham Ashram in Kagdadi was cleared a year ago and all government papers were cleared in the name of the trust. While there is talk of a land issue behind Bapu's suicide, is there any discussion that the accused put any pressure on Bapu over the land?


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Vikram Bharwad has political
affiliation The accused Vikram Devji Sohla, who tortured and beat up Mahant Jayaramdas and helped another accused through a video-clip, is known to have political affiliation. The accused is still out of police custody, so he may try to get anticipatory bail. Police have seized CCTV footage and DVR of the ashram to unravel the mystery of Mahant's death. Vikram Bharwad had a quarrel with Bapu on 30th in the ashram. Its CCTV footage has also come into the hands of the police. Now the police have set the wheels in motion to nab Vikram Bharwad.

Trustees and followers performed the funeral.

A car and Rs 50,000 were seized by the accused from the mahant.
According to the suicide note, the accused were showing a video with the woman and getting money from the mahant Jayaramdasbapu. Meanwhile, the accused stole a car and Rs. 50 thousand were seized. An inquiry has been launched into whether more money was received. According to a discussion, the accused have so far snatched Rs 20 lakh from the mahant.

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