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UCO Bank is offering higher interest on FD to vaccinated people, find out what is on offer here


A vaccination program is underway to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Some banks are offering special offers on Fixed Deposit (FD) to encourage people to get vaccinated. Under this offer, people are paying more interest on getting FD. After the Central Bank of India, now UCO Bank has also come up with a special offer for those who have been vaccinated.

What is UCO Bank's offer?
UCO Bank is offering 0.30% higher interest on 999 day FDs. Those who have taken at least one dose of Corona vaccine can take advantage of this offer. The offer will be available until September 30.

UCO Bank is offering up to 5% interest on FDs UCO Bank is currently offering a
fixed deposit facility of 7 days to 10 years. The bank offers interest rates ranging from 2.75 to 5%.

DurationInterest rate (%)
7-29 days2.75
30-45 days3.00
46-90 days3.75
91-180 days3.90
181-364 days4.70
1 year4.90
1 year 1 day to 10 years5.00

The Central Bank of India has also launched such an offer.
Before UCO Bank, the Central Bank of India has launched the Immune India Deposit Scheme. Under this, FD for 1111 days will get 0.25% more benefit than the current rate. The scheme is available to those who have received the covid vaccine. Such senior citizens will be given 0.50% interest.

It is offering up to 5.1% interest on FD Central Bank
of 7 days at the Central Bank of India is offering fixed deposit facilities up to 10 years. The bank offers interest rates ranging from 2.75 to 5.1%.

DurationInterest rate (%)
7-14 days2.75
15-30 days2.90
31-45 days2.90
46-59 days3.25
60-90 days3.25
91-179 days3.90
180-270 days4.25
271-364 days4.25
More than 1 year Less than 2 years4.90
More than 2 years Less than 3 years5.00
More than 3 years Less than 5 years5.10
Over 5 years up to 10 years5.10

So far 23.28 crore doses have been taken. People
have been given 23.28 crore doses in India till June 7. This includes 18.65 crore first dose and 4.62 crore second dose. Vaccination has gained momentum in June.

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