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Under the two-dose mandatory rule for going abroad, students have to pay double the fare

The financial burden of parents will increase: Under the two-dose mandatory rule for going abroad, students have to pay double the fare

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Submission of guardians not to charge extra for changing the date of ticket
The guardians wrote a letter to the Chief Minister, the Prime Minister, instructing the air companies

Corona has forced Indian students going for study abroad to take two doses of the vaccine. The central government has also instructed the state government to give preference to students for the vaccine, but with two doses of the vaccine yet to be administered, students who change their departure dates now have to pay two and a half times the air fare. The guardians have written a letter to the Chief Minister and the Prime Minister asking them not to incur any additional cost of changing the date in the tickets of various airlines. Thus, the Aam Aadmi Party has also made representations to the Central Government in this regard.


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Parents introduced the central government
, according to guardians, taking the first dose of the vaccine decreases koronana student took his case to get a ticket for air companies to go abroad to study. The government, on the other hand, had ordered that students be allowed to go abroad after taking two doses of the vaccine within a time limit of 28 days. The parents have approached the Center to instruct the various airlines not to charge extra cost to the students going abroad besides changing the date and the original amount of the ticket.

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Economic burden likely to increase
Students taking loans to study in countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Britain, America, whose installments were difficult due to Corona, now changing the ticket date will increase the financial burden, parents have suggested.

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It now costs Rs 80,000 to Rs 1.30 lakh for 51,000 tickets. The
students who went abroad had to pay around Rs 51,000 for advance tickets, but after the government's order on compulsory vaccination, it cost Rs 80,000 to Rs 1.30 lakh to cancel tickets and book new tickets. .

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