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Unique water storage campaign by Patidar Samaj in 300 acres at a cost of Rs. 30 lakhs in Rampar area of ​​Nakhtrana taluka


Farmers become self-sufficient in water by recharging lakes and check dams and collecting rainwater

Agriculture in Kutch is an integral part of the district. Agriculture has become more rapid after the arrival of Narmada Nir in East Kutch. While in West Kutch, Narmada Nir is yet to be fully met. Then the farmers of this diocese based on agriculture know the importance of water. And that's why rainwater harvesting works to save water droplets. The work of Awuj water collection has been done by the farmers of Patidar community of Rampar (Sarva) village of Nakhtrana taluka who are doing rainfed farming. In which a unique water saving campaign has been started by Patidar Samaj in 300 acres at a cost of Rs. 30 lakhs in Rampar area of ​​Nakhtrana taluka.

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Check dams were constructed in the village by the villagers on their own

The water problem has been exacerbated in recent years due to erratic rainfall. Amidst water crisis, the people of Rampar (Sarva) village in Nakhtrana taluka have started a water conservation campaign for four years. Check dams have been constructed in the village by the villagers on their own without any help from the government. Special arrangements have been made last year to drain rainwater into old wells and boreholes. The farmers expressed optimism that the campaign would be a success due to the water revolution started by the villagers.

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If water is available for agriculture, Kutch will become a paradise

During the last four years, about 25 lakes and dams have been constructed by the Patidar brothers of Rampar (Sarva) village on their own. At the same time, deepening of the lakes is being done periodically to increase the water storage.



 Karasanbhai Patel, a village elder now living in Surat, said that the business has to visit various states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra. But water conservation works are being carried out to repay the debt of the motherland. Groundwater levels have risen due to the construction of lakes or dams for water storage. The number of non-farming families in Kutch is special. In such a situation, if water is available for farming, Kutch can become a paradise.

30 lakh has been spent so far

Construction of check dams and ponds has also started this year. Water will be stored in 300 acres of land this year under ground water storage under the program of self-contained water storage campaign. 30 lakh has been spent so far. In which the native lovers of Kutch living outside have given a lion's share in this campaign.

This activity is a beacon for rural areas across the country

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If water is stored in this way through joint efforts, the water problem can be solved permanently in the future. All the farmers of Rampar village, Gauseva Samiti, Sarpanch as well as other leaders are also making efforts. And the people of the original village living outside, this activity run with the cooperation of donors for this water collection campaign is a beacon for the rural area of ​​the whole country.

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