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Unlock:Commencement of examination in ITI for raw license

Unlock:Commencement of examination in ITI for raw license

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Appointment slot limits will also be less annoying if opened earlier
Nearby days can be booked by selecting the rescheduling option for the date

Due to Corona, the operation of raw license in ITI complex and polytechnic college of Kutch was stopped for about two and a half months. The operation of raw license in ITI has been started from 1st June. With the same appointment as the previous slot limit, the application process will not take much time and people will be able to get the license as soon as possible.

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Many applicants had made appointments before the lockdown was imposed due to Corona but their exams were not held and licenses were not obtained as Sanrul was closed. Previous applicants who have made an appointment and failed will be given an early rescheduling. 

So new applicants will also be able to apply for a raw license. In order to avoid filling up of appointments, the same number of slots as before the limit has been kept open for the applicants so that there is no annoyance and no overcrowding.

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Talking to ITI Bhuj's Manish Purani about this, he said that the operation of the learning license, which had been suspended till now due to Corona, has been resumed from June 1. Applicants for the license are examined during office hours throughout the day. The number of slots has been kept the same, he added.

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