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UP's election campaign will be centered on the Ram Mandir; Focus only on emotional issues like Bengal's identity

BJP again surrenders to Ram:  UP's election campaign will be centered on the Ram Mandir; Focus only on emotional issues like Bengal's identity

This election will be divided into 2 phases, the BJP will focus on pro-Hindu policy

The BJP will now focus on emotional issues in the UP Assembly elections after facing defeat against Mamata Banerjee in the West Bengal elections. Based on such issues, they can attract the masses emotionally. According to reliable party sources, the BJP will lead the polls with the Ram Mandir at the center. The BJP's main team also agrees with the way Mamata Banerjee raised the issue of Bengal's identity, which turned the tide in Bengal. In the same way, by raising the issue of Ram temple, people can easily connect with themselves.


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The people of UP will connect with the emotional issues
that will be on the UP elections, the Center Party with the issue of nationalism told Bhaskar, a former president of the BJP. Depending on the party, the Ram Mandir should be at the center, as this is the biggest achievement of the BJP. This will be an emotional aspect especially for the people of UP.


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He further said that you see, just as the issue of state identity was pervasive in the Bengal elections, this issue could also play an important role. Seeing this, in the coming days, a campaign can be launched in the name of Kashi Mathura along with Ayodhya to bring the workers to the grass root level.

Focus on BJP pro-Hindu policy
BJP sources said the election has been divided into 2 phases. For some time now, the focus has been on public welfare programs run by the party, but as the elections approach, the public's attention will also be focused on these issues. All these issues will be linked to the BJP's pro-Hindu policy.

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This is how the BJP's planning will be carried out

The UP Assembly election campaign was divided into 2 phases.
The first phase will focus on issues involving the public and the good work of the government.
The first-second phase of the election will move forward with the Ram Mandir at the center.
The public's attention will gradually be drawn to emotional issues.
Attempts will be made to improve the Hindutva image by showing the Ram Mandir its achievements
The focus will be on the connectivity of the workers.

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Party leaders say National Organization Minister BL and Radha Mohan Singh also expressed concern during the meeting that grassroots connectivity of activists was declining. Both acknowledged that low ground connectivity gives opposition parties a chance to dominate. This is increasing resentment among the people towards the government.


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The BJP is not in the mood to
take any risk The party does not want to take any kind of risk after the yogi government has had to bear the displeasure of its ministers, MPs and MLAs with public outrage in the second wave of the epidemic. Many ministers, legislators have clearly expressed their displeasure by writing a letter to CM Yogi. For this reason, the party will raise emotional issues along with the good deeds of the government.

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