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Vardhoda video of Nada village area of ​​Poshi taluka goes viral, the culprit will be prosecuted as per Epidemic Act

These people do not improve: 

A large number of people forgot Corona's guide line dancing in the wedding procession

People are still reckless about Corona. In which the video of a horse has gone viral in Nada village area of ​​Poshi taluka of Sabarkantha. In which people are dancing side by side without masks.

Corona forgotten in Varghoda in Nada village area

Corona epidemic forgotten people found status
has been a recent viral video varadhodano Nada village in Sabarkantha Poshina taluka. In which people are buzzing with the beat of DJ in Corona epidemic. 

It shows people forgetting the epidemic of corona. Seeing the video in it, it seems that it would not be a surprise if the third wave erupts because of these people. A large number of people have danced in the wedding procession. In which Corona's guide line is forgotten.

An investigation was launched based on the viral video

Police have launched an investigation based on the viral video. And the offender will be prosecuted under the IPC and the Epidemic Act. This was stated by PI KM Vaghela of Kheroj police station.

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