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Viral / Badshah's song 'Pani Pani' has an entry of Tarak Mehta's 'Bapuji', after watching the video, you will laugh and turn around.

Singer and rapper Badshah's new song Pani-Pani is making a fuss as soon as it is released. A lot of memes are also being made on it. Then the entry of Tarak Mehta's 'Bapuji' in this song is worth watching.

Singer and rapper Badshah's new song Pani-Pani was a hit

The entry of Tarak Mehta's 'Bapuji' in this song is spectacular

The video is going viral like wildfire

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Badshah has shared a funny video made on his song. The song in this video is sung by Badshah but as an artist you will see Champak Chacha of Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma. The actor of the show Jethalal is seen rescuing his Bapuji from the water.

Bapuji's entry in the song

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

The video, which is going viral on social media, is absolutely funny and Badshah himself shared it on his Instagram account. Badshah and Jacqueline are seen at the beginning of the video, but Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma Bapuji is seen as soon as the water line comes in the song. Bapuji was trapped because of the pipeline started by Roshan Singh Sodhi.

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Jethalal saved Bapuji's life

Jethalal is seen trying to save Bapuji from the torrent of water and at the end he shouts, "Stop, stop." The video ends with this. Although this is a very short video, fans are having a lot of fun watching Bapuji's entry in Badshah's song. Jacqueline herself has reacted by calling it funny.

When there was a shortage of water in Gokuldham

Let me tell you that this video is from the episode of Tarak Mehta when there was a water shortage in Gokuldham Society. Due to which the only secretary Atmaram Bhide orders a water tanker. Excited while turning on the water, Bapuji gets excited and starts walking towards the water tanker, only then Sodhi opens the lid and Bapuji gets stuck in the wall due to the force of water.

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