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Viral: When a 17-year-old girl pushed the bear, who came to catch the dog, then what happened?

In a video going viral on the internet, suddenly a bear tries to attack pet dogs by entering the backyard of a house, when a girl confronts the bear and saves the dog's life. At the same time, users are very fond of this video.

viral video

A video is being liked a lot on the internet these days, this video is from California, where a scary incident happened. Actually, in the back part of a family living in California, the bear tries to enter with its cubs, at that time other family members and their pet dogs were also present there, then the dog starts barking after seeing the bear, whose After the bear is about to attack a dog, a 17-year-old girl named Hailey pushes the bear hard and pushes it onto the bushes.

 Many users were surprised to see this video because no one even comes close to an animal like a bear, but this girl bravely faced the bear and saved the life of her dog Valentina. Hailey said that 'I saw the bear, he was holding my dog ​​Valentina and then I ran and saved the dog'.


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Video to get millions of views

According to the information, this footage was shared by Hailey's cousin Brenda on Tik Tok and Instagram, which has got millions of views so far and has made its place on other social media platforms like Twitter.

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Users were given separate different reaction

Users are quite surprised to see this video and are praising Hailey's bravery. One user said that Haley's reaction to the dogs was quick, but very dangerous. At the same time, other users are asking people to be careful after seeing the bear because such pushing can also be dangerous.

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