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Viral wire: Bicycle came and went without a driver - can't believe watching the video

 Viral wire: Bicycle came and went without a driver - can't believe watching the video

Often such scenes on the road are captured on camera. The eyes cannot be trusted to see. It seems to them that nature has fitted some of its automated systems into man-made objects. Now this video clearly shows that in the rain a rickshaw went backwards automatically and parked on its own. All this is a miracle of nature. Such miracles are rare.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

IPS Dipanshu Kabra tweeted the video, saying, "Tesla's rickshaw automatically with parking system." Tesla's car has just launched, with a variety of systems. Which runs its course. Now after watching this viral video, people are making fun of this bicycle with Tesla vehicle. Just as a car parked on its own due to its systems, so a bicycle parked on its own due to rain and strong winds.

aLSO READ 💥હવે SOP સાથે ફરશે ગુજરાત:કેસ ઘટતાં પ્રતિબંધો હળવા થયા, છૂટછાટનો દોર શરૂ; આજથી e-સ્કૂલ અને સરકારી કચેરીઓ 100 ટકા શરૂ, 8મીથી સ્ટેચ્યૂ ખૂલશે

People are making very funny comments in this video which is going viral on social media and some users are writing that the owner of Tesla will commit suicide after watching the video of this bicycle. While many other users are associating this video with ghosts. So some are saying that Saikal considers herself Rajinikanth. While this viral video has been watched by more than 21 thousand people so far. While more than 3 thousand likes have come. People are sharing this video a lot.

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