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Viral:For the Vermala ceremony, the bride gave a leap to the person who raised her, the video went viral on the internet.

Dramatic and shocking wedding events have been the talk of the town for the past few days. A bride from Uttar Pradesh refused to get married in the wedding pavilion if the groom could not read the newspaper without wearing glasses. 

So a bride refused to get married after the sixth round. Shocking incidents of such marriages are now rife on the internet. An old video is going viral in Teva in which it is the turn of a young man to jump higher than the bride for the Vermala ceremony.

A video of the rite of passage is going viral on the internet. Although this video is old, it is now the talk of the town. The video was just as super a hit a few years ago.

It can be seen in the video that Varmala Seremni is running. The video also shows the bridegroom raising his friends during the ceremony at every wedding. Seeing this, the bride was also exalted by her relatives and then the two wore garlands to each other.

The ritual was completed but it made the bride blush. The man who held the bride high gave the bride a leap. Not only that, the enraged man also slapped a woman standing there. This old video is currently going viral on the internet.

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