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Wedding planner arranged inside the bride's gown to save the wedding dress from flying in high winds


The video of the marriage is currently going viral on social media
After getting the bride's permission, the wedding planner helped her

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Their wedding day is very special for every couple. Marriage is often the event of a lifetime. A wedding in the Philippines is currently being discussed on social media. The bride's wedding dress was blown away by the wind and she could not walk. 

Seeing this, the wedding planner penetrated inside the gown and maintained the balance of the wedding dress.

Royal Lunesa works for bridal gowns and events. There was a lot of wind on the wedding menu and the bride's huge gown was blowing. So Royal himself arranged the bottom side in the husband's wedding dress with the bride's permission. The marriage took place on June 6, but the video of the venue went viral and has now become the wedding talk of the town.

"The bride in the wedding dress was having trouble walking, the wind was blowing from above so I gave the bride an idea," said Royal. The video shows how he is adjusting the wedding dress and after the bride reaches the stage he slips out of the gown. The guests present at the marriage saw the wedding planner stepping out of the gown but no one was surprised.

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"A lot of people don't believe it, but it's true," Royal told Newsweek. Due to the high winds I was balancing the gown so that the bride would not have trouble walking. I did this with the bride's permission. Her wedding dress was blown away by the wind and she couldn't hold it. The bride has to look her best during this time, because of posterity more than anything else.

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