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What is the worst language in India? Google's response caused an uproar, an apology after the controversy escalated

Search results shattered:  What is the worst language in India? Google's response caused an uproar, an apology after the controversy escalated

A search on Google for India's most vulgar language revealed the name Kannada. After which there was panic in Karnataka. Politicians, including the general public, began to fish on Google and quickly asked him to correct his mistake and apologize.

In fact, Karnataka was rocked on Thursday when Kannada was found to be the answer to the worst language question in India on Google. People started discussing it on social media. The situation escalated to the point that the state government threatened to issue a legal notice to Google.

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Eventually Google had to correct the mistake. After
Kannada was named as the worst language in Google search, all political leaders condemned Google in this regard. After which the mention of Kannada language was removed from the answer that came on his search engine asking what is the ugliest language in India. The company publicly expressed regret over the matter and said its opinion was not included in the search results.


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Kannada has been the pride of the people for centuries Karnataka's Kannada, Culture and Forests Minister Arvind Limbavali told reporters that a legal notice would be sent to Google to answer the question. However, the minister later took to Twitter to express his displeasure and asked Google to apologize to the Kannadiga people. He wrote in his tweet, 'Kannada language has its own history and this language came into existence about 2500 years ago. The minister said the language has been a source of pride for Kannada people for centuries.

Limbavali tweeted, "Misrepresenting Kannada is just an attempt by Google to insult the dignity of Kannadiga people." I ask Google to immediately apologize for Kannada and Kannadiga. Google will be prosecuted for tarnishing our beautiful language image. ' Eventually a Google spokesman apologized in this way

When contacted, a Google spokesperson said, "Search is not always perfect. There can often be surprising results for special questions of the content mentioned on the Internet. We know this is not an ideal thing but when we are informed of a case we take immediate corrective action and constantly work to improve our own algorithm. Naturally, this does not include Google's own opinion. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Meanwhile, former Chief Minister H.S. D. Kumaraswamy also tweeted condemnation. He questioned whether Google was acting irresponsibly in terms of language.

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Other leaders, including BJP MP PC Mohan from central Bengaluru, also criticized Google and asked it to apologize. Mohan shared a screenshot of Google search on his Twitter handle and said that Karnataka has a great Vijayanagara Empire and a rich history and unique culture of Kannada language. There have also been great Kannada scholars involved in some of the world's most mythical languages, who wrote epics before the birth of Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century. Google India apologizes.

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