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When the vaccine was stopped in Rajasthan, 30 people spent Rs 12,000 and got vaccinated in Gujarat

Enthusiasm for vaccination:  When the vaccine was stopped in Rajasthan, 30 people spent Rs 12,000 and got vaccinated in Gujarat

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Those who want to go abroad are confused as the vaccination has been closed for two days in Rajasthan, a neighboring state of Dahod in Gujarat. These people have now turned their eyes towards Gujarat as only Kovidshield is recognized abroad. At the cost of thousands of rupees, such people are traveling 100 km away in Gujarat. On Sunday, the first dose of the vaccine was taken by 30 people from Rajasthan's Dungarpur district in Sanjeli at a cost of Rs 12,000.


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was going on in Sanjeli CHC of Dahod district on Sunday. At that time, a group of men and women from Sagwada in Dungarpur district of Rajasthan expressed their desire to get vaccinated. Vaccination has been closed in Rajasthan for two days and everyone came here because they had to go abroad to get the covidshield vaccine. The first dose of the vaccine was given to 21 women, 18 men aged 18 to 44 who wanted to go abroad, 8 men and the driver of the vehicle accompanying them after 30 people registered online.

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total of 44 people were vaccinated at Sanjeli CHC on Sunday, out of which 30 were from Sagwada, 100 km from Sanjeli. The 30 people came in four vehicles. Three of which he rented. These people from Rajasthan, who wanted to go abroad for free vaccination in Sanjeli, Gujarat, had spent Rs 12,000. This is a case in point for those who are still indifferent to vaccination in Dahod district.

Vaccination closed for two days Vaccination has been closed for two days in
Udaipur, Dungarpur and Banswara and it is rumored that it will still be closed. We didn't even know where Sanjeeli came from. We saw online Covidshield stock. So we and the people who wanted to go abroad came here. We all took the first dose of the vaccine after registering in Sanjeeli itself. - Habib Aubrey, Sagwada, Rajasthan

Sanjeeli came from Sagwada with four vehicles at an estimated cost of Rs 12,000. Three of them rented a car. It cost us all about 12 thousand rupees. We all have to go to the Gulf Country. We will go abroad after taking the second dose. - Abdeali Pasaria, Sagwada, Rajasthan


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Since the amount of 30 to the first dose of the property
was taken by the available amount to be recognized kovidaveksinane people to go abroad for their available vaccine against kovidaveksina sanjeli health center health center in Rajasthan sagavada 30 of the first dose of vaccine. -Dr. U C Lohra, Sanjeli CHC Superintendent

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Mohsin Makrani, 30, of Sagwada, who drove the vehicle of the people who came to Sanjeeli for vaccination after the driver of the vehicle was also vaccinated, also showed interest in getting the vaccine. So Mohsin was also given the first dose by registering online. Mohsin did not want to go abroad but he made this decision realizing the importance of vaccines.

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