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While the iPhone will work as a digital ID at the airport, Siri will now work without internet; Find out the A TO Z details of the event

Apple WWDC 2021:  While the iPhone will work as a digital ID at the airport, Siri will now work without internet; Find out the A TO Z details of the event

iOS 15 will feature FaceTime audio and voice isolation updates
The new update will alert the user that AirPods will go out of range of the phone
Apple Watch's Health app will track the user's breathing rate and reveal its pattern

Apple announced its new OS and app update at the World Wide Developer Conference late Monday night. The company has released a preview of iOS 15 for developers. After testing, it will be rolled out to users. Your iPhone will act as a digital ID at US airports. The event is virtually due to the Covid-19 epidemic. The event will run until June 11th. Let us know all the details of the event ...

iOS 15 preview released

The preview of iOS 15 at the event was already confirmed. It has some important updates with FaceTime audio and voice isolation. The intensity of the background voice will be less.
Notifications with text notifications and contact photo on the Big App icon will appear in a new format. iOS 15 will get a new filter mode. It will be able to customize which notifications you want to focus on during different activities.

New features in FaceTime

Apple has attached a new calling shareplay feature to its video and music share FaceTime app. This feature allows users to view and listen to content synced with another app on the call. Content can be cast on an Apple TV device during a call or two things can be viewed on the same screen using Picture in Picture.

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SharePlay is not limited to Apple TV and music. This is an API in which developers can merge their services. Disney Plus, Hulu, TikTok and other apps are already available on board. This feature will also be available to users who will attend calls using the new FaceTime for the web.
Now FaceTime Call will come with Spatial audio support. This call will be very natural and smooth. When all the people are gathered on the screen, there will be a sudden noise. FaceTime will work better with voice isolation and turn off background noise. The user can use wide spectrum audio instead of voice isolation.
Now it will also have grille view and portrait mode. It will automatically blur the background. The user can create a facetime link to join the call. It will support on Android, Windows and the web.

Apple AirPods became easier to listen to and find

Apple has improved the quality of AirPods. It has increased voice capacity as well as a wide range of Find My Support and notifications.

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The Conversion Boost feature will help people who have trouble listening to the other person.
AirPods can read messages and text. Now it will also hear other notifications. It will now also support on Mac and Apple TV.
If your AirPods are lost, AirPods can also be found using the Ficker Note new feature. The user will get an alert that the phone will go out of range like AirPods.

IPhone ID will work at the airport soon

Apple has announced the release of an update to its Wallet app. After the update, users can present their iPhone as a digital ID at US airports. Driving license can be scanned with the help of new feature.
The company says it is working with TSA to use the iPhone as an identifier at airport security cabins. It is working to give hotels access to room keys through Apple Wallet. The Wallet app also announces home keys and work keys.

Apple attaches privacy feature to Mail and Safari

Apple has always been the focus for the privacy of the user. The company has also added a powerful privacy feature to Mail and Safari at this event.


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Mail tracking pixel feature will be added. So the sender will be able to see when the mail was opened. The user will now be able to hide their IP address.

Siri will work without internet

Apple's virtual assistant Siri will now process audio on device by default. Which means it will work even without an internet connection. Upgraded Siri will be more Responsive.
Apple says the use of Siri on audio devices has become more private. It implements the company’s Well Stabilized Preference to apply machine learning features to the device instead of sending data to the cloud.

Announcement of watchOS 8 with new health features

At the event, Apple announced watchOS 8, the latest OS for the Apple Watch. First it will get to the developers. It will then be launched for all users.

Apple is going to launch a new Mindful app. The breath app will help the user to breathe properly. It will come with new animations and other features to relax the user.
There are many types of workouts for tai chi and pilates on the fitness app. Apple Watch's Health app will track the user's breathing rate and tell if it's a normal pattern.

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