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Women dominate in blacksmithing too, women become equal to men in Bharuch, make tools

Loha garam hai, mar do hamoda: 

He earns his living by making tools in the traditional way
The family blacksmith shop is run by women

Women in India are now participating in every activity, such as education, politics, media, arts and culture, service sectors, science and technology, etc. At that time, the women of the blacksmith family living in Bharuch are engaging in a unique and highly labor-intensive business and are engaged in the unique business of making iron tools for the sustenance of their family.

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Makes tools according to customer's demand

The industrialization that is currently going on in the world with modernity makes it very easy to do a lot of hard work. 

Speaking of which, even steel companies produce everything on an automatic machine to make iron products, where a lot can be produced with less labor, but in this modern age it is still possible to heat iron in a small hut near the main road near Maktampur in Bharuch. 

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Dasharathbhai Luhar is working to make a tool from waste iron to suit the customer's insistence and demand by shaping the TP. The women of Dasharath Luhar's family are also working as blacksmiths in the balance of men to support their families in this blacksmith business.


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Like men, women also work as blacksmiths


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The blacksmith family migrated from Rajasthan to Maktampur area of ​​Bharuch 40-50 years ago and settled in Bharuch. Many members of this blacksmith family live in a house under one roof. The main occupation of the blacksmith family is blacksmithing. These people are making their living on this one business. As the family is originally from Rajasthan, the elderly men living in the house go to their motherland Rajasthan for social or family or any work, while the blacksmith shop of this family is run by women.

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Since these women have been sitting in the shop with their parents since childhood, they too have got full experience of this blacksmith business. The experience of this blacksmith is that women are still working in their in-laws even after getting married. Having more members in the same business and eater, these women take over the blacksmith's arch whenever the older men of the household go out for weeks at a time. For the incoming customers, the iron is heated and cut with a TP chisel with a heavy hammer and shaped iron tools are prepared as per the customer's demand.


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Most of the blacksmithing work is for men, as it involves a lot of hard work and a large hammer is used for the work and removing the hot iron from the hot fire to shape the hot iron with a hammer, which is a very difficult task for women, but these women He helps the men of the family by doing blacksmithing with the help of hammer and chisel without fear of being burnt with hot iron.

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The difficulty of the artisans increased during the Corona period

In the midst of a recession in the Corona period, this blacksmith has made it very difficult and arduous to support his large family. For this, Dasharathbhai Luhar's family is seeking help from the government for a self-sufficient loan by removing the obstacles in between. The government is begging for mercy for the lawn so that the blacksmith business can grow fast and the family can live a comfortable life.

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