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A fire at Kovid Hospital in Nasiriyah killed 44 people and injured 67; Possibility of accident due to blast in oxygen-cylinder

Terrible tragedy in Iraq:  

An explosion in an oxygen-tank in the Covid ward sparked a ferocious fire
The hospital's security managers were suspended and ordered arrested

A huge fire broke out at the Al-Hussein Covid Hospital in the southern Iraqi city of Nasiriyah. The fire killed 44 people, including two health workers, and injured 67 others. The fire has been contained. A preliminary investigation has revealed that an explosion in an oxygen-tank in Kovid ward caused a fire.

Following the incident, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadmi convened a meeting of senior ministers, suspending the security managers of Nasiriyah Hospital and ordering their arrest.

A fire at a hospital has killed at least 44 people and injured 67 others.

Mortality could rise During the accident, health workers removed the burning bodies from Kovid Hospital, while many patients were coughing due to the smoke. An investigation into the accident has been launched to determine the cause of the fire. The death toll could rise as more people are reported missing.

Earlier in the
day, 82 people were killed and 110 injured when a fire broke out at a hospital in Baghdad's Corona district in early April. Iraq's health department, already ravaged by war and sanctions, is already struggling to fight the Corona virus. The epidemic has so far infected more than 14.38 lakh people, while 17,592 people have died.

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