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A man was injured in a head-on collision with a stray cattle in Hapa area of ​​Jamnagar.

Stray cattle terror: 

The incident of cattle terror was captured on CCTV

The terror of stray animals in Jamnagar city is not a new thing. In the Hapa area of ​​the city, there was a stampede among the locals as the cattle roamed in the residential society. 

One person was injured in the crash while others were rescued.

Four people were miraculously rescued

Hapa area society incident
Three stray animals ran into the street at night when some people were sitting in a chair near their house in the Hapa area of ​​the city. The animals grabbed one person before the people on the street understood anything and went to a safe place. So the others barely survived. The incident of animal terror was captured on CCTV.

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The age old problem of
stray animals in Jamnagar The problem of stray animals in Jamnagar city is not a new thing. Despite the fact that the Municipal Corporation of India (MCI) has set up a separate department to catch stray animals and is spending millions of rupees, the citizens are not getting rid of this problem.

In Valsad, the bull took the woman driver by surprise

Bull terror was also seen in
Valsad on Saturday . On Saturday evening, a moped driver traveling from Kosamba to Azad Chowk in Valsad city was hit by a bull coming from the opposite direction and hit him on the bike. The drivers were stunned when they saw livestock rushing on the road. The woman driver injured in the incident has been shifted to a nearby private hospital. The whole incident was captured on CCTV cameras at a nearby shop.

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