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After 70 years of efforts China became a malaria free country, with 30 million cases coming here at one time; Learn how China overcame malaria

WHO announcement:  

China is the first country in the Western Pacific region where not a single case of malaria has been reported in the last 4 years

After 70 years of efforts, China has now become a malaria free country. The WHO (World Health Organization) has announced it. In the 1940s, there were 30 million cases of malaria in China each year. China is the first country in the Western Pacific region where not a single case of malaria has been reported in the last 4 years.

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The single dose of the vaccine is very effective against other strains, including the Delta variant, and maintains immunity for up to 8 months.

WHO Director-General Tedros Gabris says China has achieved this after decades of hard work. With this announcement, China has joined the country which has proved that it is possible to make the country malaria free.


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China's strategy To
get rid of malaria, China implemented a 1-3-7 strategy in 2012. Health workers' targets were set. According to the strategy, malaria must be reported within 1 day. It was necessary to investigate within 3 days and identify the risk. So within 7 days it was said to take necessary steps to stop the spread.


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What did China do against malaria?

1950: Began working on anti-malarial drugs to curb the rapidly spreading malaria cases. Created a strategy of spraying pesticides at home.
1967: China launches new malaria treatment campaign. Artemisinin was discovered in 1970 and has proven to be the most effective anti-malarial drug to date.
1980: China becomes the first country to launch a series of large-scale tests to prevent malaria and to use mosquito nets equipped with pesticides.

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1988: 25 lakh mosquito nets were distributed in the country. Due to the investigation and precaution of malaria, his cases gradually decreased.
1990: By the end of the 90's, malaria cases had dropped to 1,17,00. The death toll dropped by 95%.

40th largest country to meet target
China became the 40th country in the world to overcome malaria. Many countries have become malaria free in the last few years. El Salvador and Algeria were free of malaria in 2021, Argentina in 2019 and Paraguay and Uzbekistan in 2018. There are 61 countries in the world where there are no cases of malaria.

In 2019, there were 22 crore cases of malaria worldwide. According to the World Malaria Report 2020, its cases are declining worldwide, especially in African countries where the highest number of deaths were due to the disease. 90% of malaria deaths occurred in Africa. It had more than 265,000 children. There were 7,36,000 cases of malaria in 2000, down from 4,11,000 in 2018. So in 2019, there were 4,09,000 cases of malaria.

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