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After watching this video, you will also say that such a juggling will not be seen anywhere else except India.

Coronavirus has got everyone into the habit of wearing a mask over their face. Some wear plain cloth masks, some branded masks and some N95 (N95 Mask). Usually people throw away the mask after a few days of use. 

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Instead of throwing the mask anywhere, it should be well packed and put in the dustbin. But this is India! Look at this viral video, people are re-using masks in a fun way.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

The mask has never been reused like this

There is no shortage of Jugaad Video in India. When the government made it mandatory to wear a mask to protect against coronavirus, people began to apply it for other purposes instead of throwing it away after using it (Mask Reuse). IPS Officer Rupin Sharma has shared a funny video on social media site Twitter. In this video, see how masks can be used.


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Someone made diapers if someone made a pot

Such videos are very popular on the social media site Twitter. In this Mask Reuse video someone has made a mask into a pot, someone has put a diaper, someone has put it in her bun, and some birds are swinging on the mask. IPS officer Rupin Sharma has written in the caption with the video - Indian Nagins નહીં Don't leave till the end! This can only happen in India.

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Funny comments on the video

Comments on this funny video are also coming from more than one. Some are talking of trying their best solution out of it, while some are praising the minds of Indians.

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