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Alert:Using these 9 apps can make you miserable by stealing smart login, facebook login and password data

Now you need to be careful if you are an Android user. Recently, 10 apps have been identified that steal the login and password data of Facebook users. Antivirus company has identified these apps. Its antivirus has a malware analysis system. This system identifies apps that steal data.

9 of these 10 apps are found on the Google Play Store. These apps identify themselves as securing the user's data, but on the contrary they work to steal the data. These apps have been downloaded about 6 million times so far. Google has removed these 9 malware apps by reporting about apps.

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This is how apps access data

These Trojan apps use special mechanisms to deceive users.
After accessing the required settings, it uploads the Certified Facebook web page to the webview.
Loads JavaScript in the same webview.
This script is used to steal login credentials.
It then gives the stolen login and password from the JavascriptInterface annotation to Trojan apps. This data is then sent to the hackers' servers.
This Trojan also steals cookies from the current authorization session when the user logs in to the account and sends these cookies to the hacker.

9 apps with malware and number of downloads
PIP Photo
This is an image editing app. It was developed by Lillians. The app has been installed on more than 50 lakh Android phones.


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Processing Photo
This photo editing app has been installed more than 5 million times. It is developed by chikumburahamilton.

Rubbish Cleaner
This app optimizes the performance of Android phones. It is developed by SNT.rbcl. It has been downloaded 1 million times so far.

Horoscope Daily
This app has been installed more than 1 million times. It was developed by HscopeDaily momo.

Inwell Fitness
This fitness app has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

Lockit Master
This app has also been installed more than 50 lakh times. It is developed by Enali mchicolo.

Horoscope Pi
This app has been downloaded 1000 times. It is developed by Talleyr Shauna.

App Lock Manager
This app has been downloaded only 10 times. It is developed by Implummet col.

Google has removed all these malware apps from the Play Store. If you use any of these apps, delete them now.

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