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At midnight in Hazira, Surat, the container grabbed the cow and dragged it in the rear wheel for kilometers

Hiccup CCTV: 

The entire scene of the truck crushing the cow was captured on CCTV.

The video of the accident caused outrage among the guards

CCTV has come to light that a container near Moragam in Hazira of Surat dragged a cow for a kilometer at midnight.

 The swaying scenes of the accident with the cow have caused outrage among the cow guards. The villagers have said that this incident has happened frequently and heavy loaded vehicles have become unconscious. They have also demanded strict action against the container driver who caused the accident.

The driver did not stop the truck even though the cow was trapped in the rear wheel of the container.

Safibhai Ahir said due to the irresponsibility of reckless drivers , "It is very sad that the driver of a container near Moragam on Monday night crushed a cow." In this incident, a mute cow died on the spot. The cow has been given the place of mother in Indian culture. 

Such incidents have been on the rise in the Hazira area for the past one year. Truck-trailers drive vehicles keeping an eye on the cows sitting on the road. With this, the Muga cattle climb to Adfet and meet death. However, the heavy vehicles that pass through Mora, and its drivers (drivers) are also driving recklessly.

The road was covered with cow's blood.

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Accidents are reduced if the speed decreases -
Shashibhai, a cow guard of Mora village, urges transporters in Hazira area to control the speed of trailers and dumpers in Hazira area. So that not only the animals but also the drivers of small vehicles can be saved. In the coming days, legal action will be taken by the cow protection committee if the drivers of the trailers or dumpers drive the vehicles on the cow mother, said the president of the cow committee.

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