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Britain's ship chased by about 30 violent whales at sea for about two hours, video goes viral

Violent forms of sea whales: 

Experts say one of the whales may have been injured or killed by a boat in the past

A British yacht crew was attacked by about 30 violent whales on their ship near Gibraltar. Video footage of this violent whale has also surfaced, in which it is constantly chasing the ship and constantly jumping in from above the surface of the sea water. 

The fish were chasing the ship as if attacking on both sides of the water at a distance of less than a meter from the boat. The herd of violent whales continued to attack it for about two hours.

The radar of the German-owned luxury yacht was severely damaged in the incident, forcing three crew members to seek protection on Gibraltar. Martin Evans, 45, one of three British nationals working on the delivery of a luxury sailing ship from Kent's Ramsgate to Mainland Greece, filmed the fight.

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Unfortunately this could not reach its destination, as it was trapped in the gibraltar. Evans detailed the video-clip, saying that the crew was at sea about 25 km off the coast of Spain at the time of the attack. When the whale attacked, the engine was turned off and an electric current was passed through a metal rope to chase the whale away from the herd.

But it had no effect on the whales. "I was thinking about how to get rid of this whale," said Nathan Jones, 27. If the boat starts to sink our lives could be in danger and we could fall prey to them.

Of course, we do not understand why this whale fell behind us, but experts say that in the past, one of the whales may have been injured or killed by a boat. In these circumstances all the whales planned to take revenge in this way and could be very angry. It didn't look like a dolphin coming from the side of the boat.

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