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Car-bike-phone charging and WiFi facility on the road for Ahmedabadis, smart street light poles installed on CG Road

Smart City's Smart Road: 

AMC installed 19 smart street light poles on CG Road at a cost of Rs 2 crore
Currently 7 major street lights are installed from Paul Stadium to Parimal Garden
7 poles are 10 meters high, while 12 poles are 4 meters high

CG Road, the pride of Gujarat's mega city Ahmedabad, is going to be high-tech. CG Road was named after industrialist Chimanlal Girdharlal in 1960. Then in 1995, CG Road was redesigned by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. 

However, due to traffic as well as other reasons, the roar of CG Road was gradually dimming. Then again CG Road is being made high-tech by AMC at a cost of Rs 2 crore. 19 smart street light poles are being installed on CG Road. 

The pole is equipped with a four-in-one facility with WiFi, vehicle charging as well as mobile charging along with street lights, meaning that now an electric vehicle or mobile phone can be easily charged on Ahmedabadi Road, as well as free WiFi. Will get.

Features include a street light pole billboard display

History of CG Road from 1960 to date
It may be noted that CG Road was named after Chimanlal Girdharlal, a leading Indian industrialist, in 1960. The road was rebuilt in 1990, and has since become the city's main economic center. A 2010 survey by Cushman and Wakefield listed CG Road as the third most developed road in the world, followed by Mumbai's Linking Road and Hong Kong Central at 18.2% per annum.

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 The road starts from Mahalakshmi Char Rasta and ends at Sardar Patel Stadium Char Rasta, which connects Paldi and Navrangpura. The CG Road was redesigned by AMC in the year 1995 and today CG Road is considered to be the main commercial road of the city as well as an important identity of Ahmedabad. On the other hand, the newly constructed highrise building on CG Road after 23 years of use,

Large street lights have been installed from Paul Stadium to Parimal Garden.

Where are the street light poles currently located ?
The Corporation had earlier made several efforts to modernize the CG Road in Ahmedabad, but due to traffic and other reasons, the CG Road has been declining for some time now and the Corporation is again making the CG Road Hi-Tech with the help of advanced technology. 


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For this, 19 smart power poles have been ordered from a Chinese company at a cost of Rs 20 million, of which 7 are currently installed from the big street light pole stadium to Parimal Garden, while 12 small poles equipped with vehicle charging facility have been installed on the pavement. Of all the smart poles, 7 poles are 10 meters high, while 12 poles are 4 meters high.

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The street pole will be equipped with a four-in-one facility.
Earlier, the corporation had made efforts to provide WiFi facility on CG Road, but the project was stalled due to some hurdles. After that, a Chinese company provided 3 types of facilities in a single street poll and the corporation ordered 19 poles at a cost of Rs 2 crore. However, all the information about this poll, including WiFi, went to the Chinese company first. After canceling the contract with the Chinese company, the exercise of using Indian software is now underway. In a two crore street poll, the big pole costs around Rs 12.60 lakh, while the small pole costs around Rs 8.10 lakh.

The picture is symbolic.

The government is giving a subsidy of up to Rs 1.50 lakh on electric vehicles.
Recently, the state government has been reducing the production of petrol-diesel and giving more incentives to electric vehicles, as part of which a subsidy of Rs 20,000 to Rs 1.50 lakh is available on the purchase of electric vehicles. 


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AMC is now offering charging facility at street light poles in the city so that electric vehicles can be easily charged, which will allow electric drivers to easily charge their vehicle, as well as charge their mobile phones from street light poles during that period. Will be able to. With this initiative of AMC, the roar of CG Road in Ahmedabad will be revived and the purchase of electric vehicles may also increase.

The picture is symbolic.

A network of 528 charging stations will be set up in Gujarat
. Under the Electric Vehicle Promotion Scheme (Frame-II) of the Government of India, 278 charging stations have been sanctioned in the state. Gujarat Electric Vehicle Policy-2021 has been announced in Gujarat with the target of using 2 lakh electric vehicles in the next 4 years, as part of which the government will provide 25% capital subsidy up to a limit of Rs 10 lakh for setting up 250 more charging stations. Thus, a network of 528 charging stations will be set up across Gujarat in the coming years. The state government is also encouraging people to buy electronic vehicles to reduce pollution levels in the state.

Equipped with these features are Smart Street Pole
Street Pole (10 meters high)
* WiFi Router
* 20 watt spot light
* CCTV camera
* 30 watt PA speaker
* Bill board display

Street pole (4 m height)
* WiFi router
* 30 watt LED light
* PTZ camera
* 30 watt PA speaker
* USB charging socket
* Electric car-scooter charging socket
* Bill board display
* Emergency push button

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