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Cooking gas cylinders can be purchased even without address proof, know its complete process

LPG customers relief: 

The Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) abolished the recognition of addresses on cooking gas, giving relief to the common man.

You can buy a cylinder even if you are thinking of getting an LPG connection and you do not have an address proof. Earlier, only those who had proof of address could buy cooking gas, but the country's state-owned oil company Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) has abolished the recognition of addresses on cooking gas, giving relief to the general public. That means you can take gas even without address proof. Learn the process ...

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Cylinders can be purchased from here
Customers can purchase a 5 kg cooking gas cylinder by visiting the Inden Gas Distributor or Point of Sale near their city or their area. You do not have to provide any documents for this. You only have to pay the price of the cylinder. Inden's 5 kg cylinder can be filled from Inden's selling point. This cylinder is BIS certified.


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How to return the cylinder
if you are leaving the city or the gas cylinder can be returned to the selling point of Inden for any reason. If you return it in 5 years, you will get back 50% of the price of the cylinder and if you return it after 5 years, you will get Rs 100.

Book at home You can also book for refills in addition to purchases from the agency. The way to book is also easy. No need to go anywhere for it, i.e. cylinders can be booked at home. Inden has announced a special number for him which is 8454955555. You can book a small cylinder by making a missed call to this number from any corner of the country. You can also book the cylinder through WhatsApp if you wish. By typing refill you can message 7588888824, your cylinder will be booked. You can also book a cylinder by calling 7718955555.

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