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Corona's third wave likely to hit third wave, not just home, family, street and entire apartment: Rajkot IMA President


Rajkot IMA President Dr. Praful Kamani talks to Divya Bhaskar about the third wave

After the completion of the second deadly wave of Corona, the possibility of a third wave of Corona has now been expressed by the IMA (Indian Medical Association). Rajkot IMA President Dr. Praful Kamani had a special conversation with Divya Bhaskar, in which he expressed the possibility of a third wave of corona coming and said that if a third wave comes at this time, the street mahalla and the entire apartment will be infected with corona.

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The transition will be quickly occupied the third
president of Rajkot IMA Dr Praful kamanie said koronani after opening the international market is being looked likely to come in the third wave. Just as the second wave was more deadly than the first and many people lost their lives in it, so the transition to the third wave is likely to accelerate.


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The possibility of skin disease in the third wave,
he added, adding that relative to other countries, the possibility of skin disease in the third wave and it could be contagious, causing an infected person to be infected with a street-neighborhood and apartment. Being watched. 


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The second wave also infected another person in the house at the same time. However, in the third wave, it is not surprising that in addition to the house, family, people on the street and apartment are infected.

Preparations have been started for the third wave in Rajkot (symbolic image).

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What is Delta Plus variant
? Dr. Praful Kamani while talking about Delta Plus variant said that Delta Plus variant is a little different from Delta variant. The Delta variant was activated during the second deadly wave of the Corona in India. The Delta Plus variant is a genomic sequence. The name of Delta is 1.617.2 and if it looks like 1.617.2 + 1 then it is known as Delta Plus variant. In Jamnagar, the only suspected case in Saurashtra, isolating it and treating it immediately did not prove to be dangerous. If any skin disease is found, medical treatment and opinion should be sought immediately.


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Threats to children in the
third wave Preparations have already begun as the third wave is likely to be the most likely to transition to children after the second deadly wave of the corona. As far as Rajkot is concerned, 600 beds are currently available in pediatric hospitals in Rajkot, which is being prepared to be increased to 1 thousand. In addition, proper training of pediatric nursing staff in private hospitals has already been started.

The third wave will be deadly for children (symbolic image)

line to vaccinate 8,000 to 9,000 people a day in Rajkot is still in line at the vaccination centers in Rajkot metropolis. After a three-day vacation, the vaccination has been going on since Saturday, but now the daily dosage limit has been fixed at 8,000 to 9,000. Scenes of citizen awareness have now become helpless. The state government sends vaccines within the limit of 8-9 thousand per day, on the basis of which the daily vaccination and session site has to be decided the next night.

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