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Doctors day: Drunk Tully doctors riot on the terrace, another group washed away, live video of the fight

doctors day 2021 doctors video viral: Before the incident of beating, a group of doctors had been drinking with another party. In the meanwhile a matter was disputed. Then the controversy escalated to the point of blows.

New Delhi: As Doctors Day is being celebrated in the country and around the world today, a video of doctors is going viral on social media. The video is believed to be from Gautam Nagar area of ​​Delhi. A video of Beating up Doctors has surfaced in Delhi Gautam Nagar area of ​​Delhi. The other party has also accused the doctor of assault. A police complaint has been lodged against both the parties.

According to preliminary investigation and Delhi Police sources, the doctor was present in Paratha's shop and was drunk. He quarreled with some people. There were blows on both sides. And a police complaint was lodged against each other on both sides. The police are trying to find out the real cause of the quarrel.

After the incident, cctv footage kept in the shop was taken out. The footage shows the doctor fighting with an elderly shopkeeper. The doctor kicks the old man. Police are now investigating the complaint of both the parties. People involved in the case are being questioned.

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With besine drunk
According to the violence of the event before, doctors besine Group had consumed alcohol with the other party. In the meanwhile a matter was disputed. Then the controversy escalated to the point of blows.

Doctors used to come to Dhaba in the middle of the day. It is
believed that doctors used to come and go on this Dhaba in the middle of the day. Some locals came here after a scuffle with the old man, the owner of the dhaba, and got into a scuffle with a group of doctors.

Two people from each side were medically examined. Police are investigating after drinking alcohol. Medical tests can then be done. While the video is going viral on social media on Doctors Day, it is being touted as a black tile for the doctors community among the locals.

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