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Draft of population control in UP prepared

:If you have more than 2 children, you will not get a government job and election ticket; Those who follow the law will be given exemption in promotion and tax

Free education will be given to those who accept one child policy

The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has drafted a population control law. This has been prepared by Justice Adityanath Mittal, Chairman, State Law Commission. If this draft law becomes law, those who have more than 2 children in the future in UP will not get government jobs.

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people who drafted the Love-Jihad Act by Mittal will never be able to contest elections. They will not be given the benefit of any government scheme. The Law Commission has claimed that the entire system is being affected due to uncontrolled population. The commission has also sought public advice in the draft till July 19. Earlier, Adityanath Mittal had also drafted the Love-Jihad Act.

Important points of the draft

Parents of more than two children will not get a government job.
He will not be able to contest local body and panchayat elections.
The names of more than four members will not be written in the ration card.
The law will apply to young men over the age of 21 and young women over the age of 18.
It has also been suggested that syllabus related to population control can also be taught in schools.
If the mother of one child gives birth to twins in another pregnancy after the law comes into force, the law will not apply to her.


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No restrictions will be imposed on the adoption of a third child. If one's 2 children are crippled then the third child will also get the benefit of various facilities.

Parents of two children will benefit so much

People who have two children and also do government jobs, if they voluntarily undergo sterilization, they will get the benefits of 2 extra increments, promotions, exemptions in government housing schemes, employer contribution in PF. Water, electricity, house tax will also be exempted.
People who voluntarily sterilize after one child will be recommended to be given priority in free treatment, insurance, education and even government jobs for 20 years.

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Free education to one child policy acceptor

Parents in the BPL series who accept the One Child Policy are particularly encouraged.
Under this, if the parents perform the operation after the first child, they will be given many facilities.
When the first child becomes an adult, an incentive of Rs 77,000 and Rs 1 lakh will be given to the girl child.
The higher education of the parents' daughter will be given for free, while the son will get the facility of free education for 20 years.

State Law Commission has named Daft as Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill-2021. The commission uploaded the draft on its website on Friday. July 19 Suggestions were sought from the public. The draft comes at a time when the Yogi Adityanath government is set to unveil a new population policy on July 11.

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"We are not against any particular religion,
" said Justice Aditya Mittal. We are not against any particular religion. We want people who help with population control to benefit from the scheme.

Will be implemented after one year
According to the current draft of the law, the bill will come into force one year after the date of publication in the official gazette. In case of more than one marriage, each couple will be treated as a married couple for the purpose of knowing the exact number of children.

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