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Exclusive:In the second wave of Corona, most women were rushed, 3 lakh people were infected in Gujarat in a year and 5 lakh people in 2 months.

Corona's first wave infected 3% of 1-15 year olds, second wave infected only 5%
Corona transition in 34% of the total number in the first wave, 42% in the second

Discussions are underway on the possibility of a third wave after the completion of the second wave of Corona. The most interesting and important thing among the possible third wave discussions is that the second wave against the first wave showed only a 2% increase in the transition of children, i.e. 3% in the first wave, while 5% in the second wave. Not only that, but the biggest thing is that the number of patients over the age of 60 has increased compared to the first wave, but the percentage has decreased due to vaccination. Read the first Divya Bhaskar exclusive report detailing patients infected with the first wave and the second wave in the state.

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3 lakh infected in one year, more than 5 lakh infected in 2 months
The first positive case of corona was reported in the state on March 19, 2020, after which the transmission of covid began to spread across the state. The biggest thing is that the first wave, i.e. from March 2020 to March 2021, i.e. a total of 312748 people were infected in one year, against which the second wave, i.e. in the year 2021 to April-June, 510775 people were infected.

3% in the first wave, 5% in the second wave A
total of 9512 children aged 1-15 years were infected in the first wave of the corona, a percentage of which was 3%, while 25,544 children were infected in the second wave, which is 5%. This includes 14452 children, while 11092 girls. Dr. of Pediatrics Department of KD Hospital, Ahmedabad. Snehal Patel says that during Covid he has seen a recovery rate of 90 to 95% in ope Covid positive children.


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 The chances of covidia are higher when the ACE-2 receptor is higher in the respiratory tract, but lower in the respiratory tract in children, so the risk of corona in children is lower. In addition, children up to 2 years of age are routinely vaccinated to strengthen their immunity.

Dr. Snehal Patel, Pediatrician, KD Hospital.

most interesting thing is that the second wave of corona has seen a statistical increase in the number of patients above 60 years, although the percentage has decreased by 6%. The first wave infected 58,921 patients over the age of 60, accounting for 19% of the total, while the second wave infected 65,951 patients over the age of 60, accounting for 13% of the total. 

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This means that the second wave decreased by 6% in the second wave than the first. Dr. Tushar Patel, a member of the Covid Task Force of the state government and a pulmonologist, says that at the beginning of the vaccination, people above 60 years of age were given priority and were vaccinated. As a result, the percentage of patients in this age group decreased.

Dr. Tushar Patel, Member, Covid Taskforce and Pulmonologist.

Infection in females was lower, the percentage of transitions in the second wave increased. In
both the waves of the corona, the transition rate in females was lower than in males, but the transition in females was higher in the second wave.


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 The total number of female infected patients during April-May was 1.5 lakh, a percentage of 34%, compared to 2.13 lakh women infected in the second wave, a percentage of 42%. On the other hand, 2.6 lakh men became infected in the first wave, which is 66%. 2.97 lakh males were infected in the second wave, which recorded a percentage of 58%, which means that the percentage of transition in females in the second wave increased by 8% compared to the first wave.

Alpesh Gandhi, President of the Gynecological Society of India.

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Infection is less common in women , but the severity is the same. According to experts, although the incidence of infection in women is lower, but the severity during the transition was found to be the same in both, so everyone needs to be taken care of. Speaking to Divyabhaskar, Alpesh Gandhi, President, Gynecological Society of India, said that some men have high levels of addiction, comorbidity. In addition, the higher the number of cytochrome-strome cells, the higher the rate of infection. However, infected women, who are pregnant or suffering from any other problem, may take longer to recover.


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Infection of most 16-45 year olds The first and second wave of covid infected most 16-45 year olds. The second wave had 60% of the total infected patients in this age group, while the first wave had 49% of the total infected patients aged 16-45, i.e. the second wave had an 11% increase in the infection in this same age group.

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