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Experts claim-influenza vaccine will protect children from serious corona infections; What is this and how effective it is against Corona, know everything

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New stories are coming up every day about the third wave of Corona. Randeep Guleria, director, AIIMS-Delhi, said a third wave of Corona could come to India. The Kovid Task Force in Maharashtra said the case would start growing in three to four weeks. The government has since stepped up vaccinations, but children are not expected to be vaccinated before September.

In view of this, the Indian Academy of Pediatrics and the Kovid Taskforce in Maharashtra have recommended vaccinating under-5 children against influenza. Doctors have recommended that not only children but also adults be vaccinated against influenza in the monsoon season and the coming winter.

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But can influenza, the flu vaccine, help achieve immunity against Covid-19? Is the dose of flu vaccine effective against Covid-19? We have consulted Dr. Pediatrics, a consultant in New Delhi, on such questions. Dr. Himanshu Batra (Manipal Hospitals) and Consultant Pediatrics in Ahmedabad. Dr. Urvashi Rana (Narayana Multispeciality Hospital) and Consultant in Infectious Diseases Department, Mumbai. Mala spoke to Kaneria (Jaslok Hospital and Research Center). Let's understand what the experts say in this regard-


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First of all, is there an influenza vaccine?
The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says the flu vaccine protects against influenza and many other diseases. Flu and Covid-19 usually have the same symptoms, but this does not mean that the influenza vaccine will protect Covid.

We have also seen an increase in the number of children getting infected in the second wave. Babies were considered to have a lower risk of infection, but some children have also shown severe symptoms in the last few months. According to doctors, the third wave may increase the risk to children. There is no vaccine for them, so we are looking at other measures to reduce the risk to the young population. It also contains a flu vaccine.

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In March 2021, the Michigan Medical Healthcare System of the United States, based on a February-July 2020 study, found that people who had been vaccinated against the flu were less likely to have a positive test or to have serious symptoms if they became infected. In this way, flu shots can also reduce the risk of infection to some extent.

How does the influenza vaccine help develop immunity?
The influenza vaccine (flu shot) usually provides protection against the flu. The flu is a viral infection caused by the influenza virus. This can weaken children’s immunity and often lead to increased respiratory complaints in children in the rainy and winter seasons.

The influenza vaccine provides protection against the flu. Flu protection in children, not from covid, but reduces the burden of severe symptoms and hospitalization. This will not increase the burden on hospitals during the possible third wave of Covid-19.


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After vaccination, the body is exposed to a weakened or dead virus. In contrast, the body develops an immune system. Antibodies are formed two weeks after vaccination. These antibodies protect the person from the disease. The seasonal flu vaccine against influenza virus provides a great deal of protection. The virus is very active in the monsoon and then in the winter.

What is the price and variety of influenza vaccines available in the market?
The influenza vaccine is available as an injection and nasal spray. The spray is recommended for people aged 2 to 49 years. Vaccines are not given to pregnant or immunocompromised people. The influenza vaccine can also be trivalent, with three different strains. The quadrivalent has four strains. These vaccines are updated every year, for which scientists develop them based on the prevalent viruses at the time.

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Influenza These vaccines are available in the market as inactivated quadrivalent vaccines. In addition to influenza A, influenza A also provides protection against both strains of B. The 0.5 ml dose of this vaccine is available in different brands from Rs 1100 to Rs 2400.

Will the influenza vaccine be enough against Corona?
When no vaccine is available for children, the influenza vaccine can help reduce the risk in children. Research shows that the epidemiological and clinical features of Covid-19 and influenza are similar. For this reason, vaccinating children with the flu vaccine can help reduce the risk of Covid-19. If nothing else, it will save them from getting a serious infection.

Experts believe that shots of the flu vaccine can play an important role in protecting children from serious symptoms until a vaccine is available. When the covid vaccine arrives, parents can plan to vaccinate their children with both. This information is important that the two vaccines should be spaced four weeks apart. This will give the baby plenty of time to develop antibodies against the virus.


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So who can get the influenza vaccine?
According to IAP recommendations, the first shot of the flu should be given 6 months after the baby is born. Until then, the baby gets immunity from its mother's milk. After the age of six months, parents should give this dose to their child every year till the age of five. Influenza vaccine is given only in high risk group after 5 years.

The symptoms of Covid-19 and the flu are similar. If a child has been vaccinated against influenza, it will be easier to tell if they have covid. Parents can get the influenza vaccine to protect their child against the virus. However, it is important to know that EFC varies from season to season and the effect may vary according to age and health status.

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