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Gujarat behind in Russian vaccine

:1 2 states gave 44,000 doses of Sputnik-V, 1200 doses came to Gujarat, a total of 336 were vaccinated in Ahmedabad-Surat

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Private hospitals in the state will be able to charge a maximum of Rs 1145 for Sputnik-V vaccine
175 people in Ahmedabad and 161 people in Surat got Russian vaccine


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Russia's Corona vaccine Sputnik-V has been introduced in the state after Kovishield and Kovacin. In the state, Kiran Hospital in Surat and Krishna Shelby Hospital in Ahmedabad have received 1200 doses of Sputnik-V vaccine. In the last 3 days, 336 people across the state have been vaccinated with Sputnik-V vaccine, including 175 in Ahmedabad and 161 in Surat. 425 dose stock is available in Ahmedabad and 439 in Surat.

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In Ahmedabad today, 50 people received the Sputnik-V vaccine
. People came in the morning to take the Russian vaccine Sputnik-V. About 50 people have been reported to have taken the vaccine from Savar. After Covexin and CoveShield in Ahmedabad city, now Sputnik-V vaccine has been given. The Sputnik-V vaccine is stored at minus 20 degrees. It is brought to normal temperature for two to three minutes before vaccination. Five doses are applicable in one vial. Covin will be able to register for the Sputnik vaccine on the app, as well as on-site.

The vaccine is
currently not being given to the general public but to people affiliated with the Sputnik-V vaccine industry. It has not yet begun for the general public. Dr. The general public will also get the Russian vaccine as Reddy Laboratory Hyderabad will get the vaccine stock.

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Gujarat lags behind in consumption of Sputnik-V Gujarat lags
far behind in consumption of Russian vaccine Sputnik-V. As per last week's report, 85,485 doses of Sputnik-V were received by 12 states, of which Gujarat did not receive a single dose. Of the doses of the vaccine allocated to the states, 44,105 doses have also been given to the people. Telangana received the highest dose of Sputnik-V at 44,565, followed by Andhra Pradesh at 15,800, Karnataka at 6,000, West Bengal at 4,800, Himachal Pradesh at 4,500, Maharashtra at 3,000 and Tamil Nadu at 3,300, while Gujarat received 1200 doses of Sputnik-V.


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How much will the Russian vaccine cost?
Sputnik-V Private Hospital Rs. 948, on which 5 per cent GST of Rs. 47 will be taxed. A maximum of Rs. 150, so a single dose of Sputnik-V costs Rs. Will be found in 1145.

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A second dose of
Sputnik-V can be taken in just 21 to 28 days. While a second dose of Covishield and Covexin is available to people after 84 days due to a shortage of these vaccines, a second dose of Sputnik-V can be taken in just 21 to 28 days. Thus, as the course of both doses is completed between 21 and 28 days, the Russian vaccine is especially attractive to those who can afford the vaccine and the youth, so the state government should make arrangements for the vaccine to reach the state on a large scale. .

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