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In Chiloda, Gandhinagar, buffaloes started eating water after drinking water from the well. Police investigated the well and found a quantity of alcohol


The amount of alcohol hidden in the air exploded strangely.

Police nabbed a man with 101 bottles of alcohol

A new spark has erupted in the chapter on the quantity of foreign liquor seized five days ago from Chinloda in Gandhinagar. In fact, in a manger a short distance from Chiloda Panchvativas, two buffaloes and two padi anayas started swaying after drinking the water of the air, to the astonishment of its owner. 


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Complaining to the crime branch, the doctor treating the buffaloes, who started eating the buffaloes like drunkards, complained to the crime branch.

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The owner was surprised to see the buffaloes eating
the sticks. At Chiloda in Gandhinagar, two buffaloes and a paddo went to graze in the manger space at Panchvati Vas. Meanwhile, the buffaloes drank water from the manger, but after a while, all of a sudden, the buffaloes started eating sticks and foam started coming out of their mouths. The owner of the buffalo was amazed to see this.


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After the veterinarian's complaint, the police took action and
after a while the health of the buffaloes started deteriorating and he contacted the veterinarian of Kujad. The veterinarian on the spot examined the buffaloes and prescribed the necessary medicine, but the doctor complained to the Crime Branch on the strong suspicion that the water from which the buffaloes drank water was adulterated, which led to a raid on the spot by Crime Branch Jamadar Dilip Singh. .

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While a man was caught with 101 bottles of liquor hidden in the
havada, the police team found him doing something in the havana of Gaman and started searching the havada. Police found 101 bottles of foreign liquor worth Rs 35,000 and arrested Dinesh Thakor. An exercise was carried out to catch Ravi Thakor fast. The bootleggers hid a quantity of alcohol in the vicinity, including a well, and after drinking water from the same well, the buffaloes began to eat the lads and the whole incident erupted when the vet was called for treatment.

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