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LIVE death captured on CCTV

LIVE death captured on CCTV :

A builder from Valsad had a heart attack after throwing a shish at the Swaminarayan temple in Vadodara

The incident was captured on the temple's CCTV after a heart attack while visiting the Swaminarayan temple.

The builder fell to the ground while having a heart attack while darshan of God in the temple

The builder's death on July 8 was captured on the temple's CCTV, the video has now surfaced

Didn't know what was going to happen to Janaki Nath in the morning. A well-known builder from Valsad died of a heart attack while visiting the Swaminarayan temple in Vadodara. 

A shocking video of the incident, which took place on the temple premises, has surfaced. Recently, a middle-aged man in Rajkot died of a heart attack while listening to songs on his mobile phone. CCTV footage of his death also surfaced.

Valsad builder suffers heart attack after throwing shish at
temple According to information received about the incident at Swaminarayan temple in Vadodara, Valsad resident and well-known builder Jayanti Khalap came to Vadodara a week ago for work.

 Jayantibhai Khalap, who had unshakable faith in Lord Swaminarayan, went with a woman to visit the famous Swaminarayan temple in Vadodara. 


Arriving at the temple, Jayantibhai prayed to the Lord by bowing his head. Shish Zukavi was praying to God with both hands clasped. At the same time, a heart attack struck and Shreeji took refuge at Shreeji's feet.

The builder's death on July 8 at the temple was captured on the temple's CCTV

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As soon as
Jayantibhai, the builder from Valsad , collapsed at the Swaminarayan temple , the woman who was with him and other devotees were shocked. Immediately all rushed to him. Other visitors, including the woman who accompanied the builder, also tried to take her to the hospital. But before they could be taken to the hospital, Shreeji took refuge in the temple premises. This created a great deal of controversy at the time.

The builder died after falling to the ground after a heart attack after bowing to God in the temple

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Live death video goes viral on social media The live death video
of the incident, which took place a week ago, has gone viral on social media. In this shocking video, the death of Valsad builder Jayantibhai is captured. In which Swaminarayan temple in Vadodara did this incident take place? No details were available. But the video of the incident, which took place in Vadodara itself and went viral on social media, has caused a great deal of controversy.

For the builder the vision of God became the ultimate vision of life

Rajkot lawyer was killed in the line of the song sambhalati
week ago Rajkot midnight advocate atulabhai Sanghvi was in charge of an old song of the online media. In the meanwhile, he had a sudden heart attack and started beating. In the end, he said goodbye to the world of fun. Meanwhile, people watching live on social media also commented and expressed concern.

As soon as builder Jayantibhai collapsed, the woman who came with him and other devotees who were doing darshan were shocked.

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