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LIVE videos:Lightning strikes the flag of Jagatmandir in Dwarka, Lord Dwarkadhis avoids the big blow on the people of Dwarka

Dhajani story of Dwarkadhish temple:The 52-yard flag is changed 5 times a day, sponsored by devotees; Advance booking has been done till 2023

The temple flag was also damaged in the years 2020 and 1998
Lightning struck the peak of the Dwarkadhish temple on Tuesday

The flag is hoisted five times a day at the Dwarkadhish temple where electricity has fallen. There is a tradition of hoisting a 52-yard flag at the top of the temple. Which is sponsored by the devotees. Advance bookings for the year 2023 have been made for hoisting the flag.

 New booking is currently closed. It may be mentioned here that there are some interesting things related to Dwarkadhish temple and flag, including the time of hoisting the flag five times a day, the story behind the 52 yard flag, the importance of the moon and sun symbol, who is responsible for hoisting the flag and its booking method.

Devbhoomi Megharaja has been gracious since this morning in Yatradham Dwarka in Dwarka district. It is raining with thunder in Dwarka. Then today the flag of Jagatmandir was damaged by lightning.

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The live video of lightning on the flag going viral, people are believing that it was Lord Dwarkadhishji who averted the attack on Dwarka city. Naturally, if this electricity had fallen in the residential area around the temple, there would have been possible casualties.

General damage to the flag
of lightning strikes Lightning damage to the flag of the Jagatmandir and general damage to the flag. Importantly, the flag flying over the Dwarkadhish temple has a special religious significance. According to locals, this was the first time such lightning was seen around the temple.

No damage to
Jagatmandir: SDM Bhetaria of SDM Dwarka said that lightning struck the flag flying at the top of Jagatmandir this afternoon. No damage has been done to the Jagatmandir, which has caused general damage to the flag.

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