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So will there be a lockdown again? The Modi government again ordered the states to look at it in strict terms

The Union Home Ministry has written to all state governments and Union Territories asking them to control the crowds and impose restrictions such as lockdowns if necessary.

વાંચો સંપૂર્ણ ન્યુજ ગુજરાતીમા

If an administration official is slow to follow the rules of Koro, to take action against him personally.

As soon as the second wave weakens, people become restless and start going to hill stations and tourist places

The Union Home Ministry has written to all state governments and Union Territories asking them to control the crowds.

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Home Minister in Gujarat: Speaking, you may think that Amit Bhai came here for the first time in so many years, but you did not worry at all.

Thalaiva makes big announcement: says goodbye to politics forever, now party will do it

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... So you can get fuel for 60-65 rupees, find out what the central government is doing

No similar concessions should be made in Coro's sanctions - Home Ministry

Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla, in a letter to all the states and union territories, said the second wave of Corona has not yet ended. All states should take steps to curb congestion. 

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There is no scope for exemptions in Coro's sanctions. According to the advisory, the state government will be responsible for re-imposing sanctions on such areas and places where Koro rules are spread if Koro rules are not followed in any institution, market area etc. Legal action will also be taken against those who do not follow the rules.

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Ajay Bhalla, in a letter to the chief secretaries of states, said the local administration should be directed to take necessary steps to control the crowds and manage the corona.

Home Ministry issues new advisory

The central government has now issued an advisory to the states, which are taking a tough stance on the issue of third wave of corona in the country and several states violating corona rules. 

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The Union Home Secretary has issued a letter to the states asking them to take stern action against those violating the Koro rules. The central government has expressed concern over the congestion of people at hill stations and tourist spots as soon as the second wave weakens.

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Officers will be found guilty of delaying compliance with Corona's rules

The advisory issued by the Center also said that if any official of the administration is negligent in following the rules of Koro, action should be taken against him. The state governments have also been made clear that the responsibility of enforcing the Koro rules at the district level in the state will rest with each officer. Earlier, PM Modi had also expressed concern over the growing congestion at hill stations and tourist spots. The Prime Minister said that the large number of people in tourist destinations, hill stations and markets without wearing masks and not adhering to social distance is a matter of concern. "Illnesses like corona are not the same," he said. If we are careful, we will be able to stop the third wave.

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