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Mouthwash also does not reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, as the virus in the nose soon reaches the throat.

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As the coronavirus spreads, scientists are looking for ways to kill it or stop it from spreading. In the year 2020 and 2021, scientists started researching on a related idea that mouthwash can destroy coronavirus, but now experts believe that mouthwash does not kill coronavirus.


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A team of international viral experts claimed last year that a mouthwash could destroy the coronavirus and prevent Covid-19. The researchers said that the coronavirus is surrounded by a layer of fat that can be dissolved by the chemicals in the mouthwash. This way it can be destroyed in the mouth and prevented from reaching the throat.

Mouthwash contains chemicals such as chlorhexidine, gluconate, hydrogen peroxide and povidone-iodine, the researchers said. All of these have the potential to prevent infection. The upper layer of the corona is made up of glycoproteins. It infects cells in the body that dominate the immune system.

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The virus cannot infect cells when the outer surface dissolves, the
researchers said in the research, adding that the chemical in the mouthwash tries to dissolve the top layer of glycoproteins in the coronavirus. Once its outer surface begins to melt, the virus cannot infect the cells.

The effect of mouthwash on the corona is constantly being studied.
Experts believe that mouthwash can break the outer layer of the coronavirus, but not enough research has been done on whether the mouthwash is effective in fighting the corona. The throat and salivary glands are considered hot spots for virus reproduction, but they are not the primary target of infection.


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However, some studies have shown that some mouthwash can kill the virus, but the results are only seen in people who have not been infected with the virus for a long time.

Some studies have also confirmed that some mouthwash can reduce or even destroy the level of the virus in the saliva, but only if the mouthwash is used for 30 seconds. However, researchers at the time avoided making such recommendations.

The makers of Listerine, a mouthwash company, said in a statement that there was no evidence that mouthwash kills the coronavirus.

What experts say about the effect of mouthwash on the corona
Mouthwash can kill many types of bacteria and is also necessary for hygiene, but so far no evidence has been found that it can prevent the spread of corona infection. There is also no evidence that it is effective in treating active infections.

According to experts, the new coronavirus is found in the nasal passages, i.e. the nose, so even if the mouthwash is effective, the virus remains in the nose. After a while, the virus spreads from the nose to the throat.
So far no large scale clinical study has been done to show that mouthwash can prevent or destroy the spread of coronavirus.

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