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My sister-in-law and sister-in-law collided head-on with a truck, both of them died on the spot.

Junagadh (Gujarat): There was a sharp decline in the number of accidents during the lockdown imposed during the Koro period. But, after the relaxation in the lockdown, the incidence of road accidents has again increased. 

Then today a serious accident took place between a bike and a truck on Junagadh Somnath Road. A Congress woman member and her deer have been killed.

 Police rushed to the spot after the incident and both the bodies have been sent to a nearby government hospital for postmortem.

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According to the information received, the truck driver took the bike to Adfet near Galodar Chokdi on Junagadh Somnath Highway this afternoon. The accident was so serious that the woman on the bike and the young man on the bike died on the spot. 

Police rushed to the spot on learning of the accident and legal action has been initiated in the whole matter.

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It is learned that Congress member Kantaben Gohil of Mangrol municipality and his brother Dinesh Ramjibhai Gohil were going to Maliyahati on a bike from Mangrol for some social work. At this time, a truck parked near Galodar Chokdi took him by surprise.

 In which both men were knocked down on the road. At this point the truck's tire turned on the woman and the corpse was trapped in the tire. 

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

When the young man fell on Fungolai Road in a collision with a truck, he also died on the spot.

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Meanwhile, there was a short-lived traffic jam on the Main Highway. The incident was reported to the police by the locals so the police rushed to the spot immediately. After receiving information on how the accident happened, both the bodies were shifted to Malia Hospital for postmortem. And after informing the family of the deceased about the matter, further legal action has been initiated. The deceased woman and the youth have been found to be sister-in-law and deer in the relationship. 

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