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Offline schools for Std 5 to 8 may start in the state in early August, Std 1 to 5 schools are likely to start after Diwali.

Online education will continue along with offline in schools.
Schools will be started with Odd Even method with 50 per cent capacity.
Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama gave a clear signal to start schools.

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After the second wave of corona in Gujarat, offline education is being started in schools and colleges as soon as the number of cases is reduced, in which standard 9 to 12 and after the academic work started in colleges, schools from standard 5 to 8 can be started from the first week of August.

 The education department has found that there is no hurry to start classes 1 to 5, considering that the standard 1 to 5 school may start after Diwali.

Along with offline, online classes will also continue.
Offline schools of Std. 12 from July 15 and Std. 9 to 11 from July 26 have been started all over Gujarat. Then Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama has given hints to start other standard classes in the coming days. 

The Education Minister said that as the transition to Corona has eased, classes 9 to 11 have started. Then other classes will also start in the coming days. A meeting of the core committee will be held on the issue of starting other classes. In which it will be decided when to start more classes. However children are not required to come to school. On the other hand, schools will have to continue online classes, he said.

Standard 9 to 11 schools were started from 26th July

Preparations started to start
Std. 6 to 8 classes As per the signal given by the Education Minister, the Education Department has started preparations to start Std. 6 to 8 classes. Instructions have also been given for the cleanliness of the school classrooms. 

The government is considering starting Std 5 to 8 classes from the beginning of August. The government is not ready to take any risk in starting standard 1 to 5 after August 15. So after Diwali, consideration will be given to start the work of teaching the little ones.

Online education will continue along with offline

The state government will formally announce in the
near future that the government is ready to start classes according to the Odd Even method with 50 per cent capacity in the academic work that will start now. In addition student attendance at school will be required. The student will be educated only with the consent of the guardian. The opinion of the health department will be discussed at the core committee meeting. The state government will make a formal announcement in this regard in the near future.

Schools with 50 per cent capacity will be started

in schools from 9th to 11th is less than 25% on the first day In Gujarat, from 9th July, Std. 9th to 11th schools have started for offline education, while on the first day, less than 25% attendance was seen in Std. 9th to 11th. While the students were happy to study in the classroom after about 6 months. Std. 12 schools and colleges have been started in the state from 15th July. Out of 12 thousand 934 schools of Std. 9 to 11, 86 thousand 734 students out of 3 lakh 72 thousand 914 students were present in Std. 9 on the first day and 23.26 percent attendance was recorded. .

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