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People jumped out of the window to save their lives, the driver and conductor fled leaving the passengers; Came across a desperate VIDEO

A bus carrying 60 passengers caught fire:
The bus's tires got hot and started to spark, the driver was standing at the side of the bus

A moving private bus caught fire in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh. The whole bus was on fire. The driver and conductor also fled after seeing the bus engulfed in flames. Despite begging for help but no one came to the rescue, the passengers jumped out of the window and saved their lives. The bus had 60 passengers on board. All are safe.

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The driver and conductor fled leaving the passengers
on the Agra-Kanpur highway in Etawah's Jaswant Nagar. The bus caught fire around 2 pm in front of Sagar Dhaba near Sarai Bhupat railway crossing here. 

The bus was carrying 60 passengers to Delhi. Suddenly there was a spark in the bus on the highway and a minor fire broke out. As the fire slowly increased, the driver stopped the bus on the side of the road. When the flames erupted, both the driver and conductor fled, leaving the passengers trapped in the bus.

minutes of the tires exploding, the entire bus was engulfed in flames. Police rushed to the spot with fire brigade immediately after being informed of the incident. A private bus with a Rajasthan number plate went from Madaripur to Kanpur and from there to Delhi, police said. The bus's tires warmed up, sparked, and suddenly caught fire. However, the exact cause of the incident is yet to be ascertained. No one was killed in the incident, but some people's belongings were reduced to ashes.

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