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People over the age of 50 have the highest risk of delta variants even after being vaccinated; Learn how to avoid this deadly virus

Corona's third wave is looming:  

The second wave of coronavirus came with many difficulties and challenges. In this wave the person has not only become physically weak but the mental balance has deteriorated.

However, now the second wave is slowing down, but now people are afraid of the Delta and Delta Plus variants. Which can become a threat to human life in the form of a third wave. Initially, the older ones came in the form of the Logo Delta variant, but now it seems that the rest of the population is at risk.

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The spread potential of the Delta Plus variant may increase.
Experts are claiming that both the Delta and Delta Plus variants are a matter of concern for all of us. Recently, government officials said the Delta Plus variant is more lethal after mutation. He claimed that the spread capacity of the Delta Plus variant could be increased.

The Delta Plus variant reaches the lungs faster and
easier. The mutation in the Delta variant of the coronavirus is named K417N. This mutation was also found in beta and gamma variants of coronavirus.


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Dr. NK Arora, chairman of the National Technical Advisory Group of Immunization (NTAGI), said that compared to the rest of the Corona variants, the Delta Plus variant reaches the lungs quickly and easily.

According to figures released by UK officials, the Delta variant is the most prominent of all corona types. Considering all cases so far, Public Health England claims that people over the age of 50, young people, non-vaccinated people and People who have been partially vaccinated have an increased risk of delta infection.

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Delta caused more deaths in people over 50 years of age
according to a study in the UK, there were registered 117 cases of death due to the Delta, from which the majority of people over 50 years of age. Of these, 38 were over the age of 50 who did not receive the vaccine, as well as 50 in the same age group who received both doses of the vaccine. There were 6 people under the age of 50 who did not get the vaccine and 2 people took one dose of the vaccine.

The highest risk of delta variants for both the elderly and the younger generation
The figures made available by Public Health England show that it is clear that both the elderly and the younger generation are at higher risk for delta variants. "It is our responsibility and duty to be vigilant when so many new forms are emerging," he said.

In such a situation we need to follow the Kovid protocol, which includes double masking, social distanceing and hygiene. In addition, people should get the vaccine as soon as possible. Vaccination is the only good way to reduce its serious risk.

How effective is the vaccine against Delta Plus?
According to the WHO, the vaccine currently in use is effective in preventing serious infections caused by Delta Plus, but the virus is also preparing itself to fight the vaccine.


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According to a report by Public Health England, the vaccine being given in India is effective in preventing the Delta Plus virus. The organization conducted genome sequencing of 160 cases of Delta variants worldwide, 8 of which were from India. The first dose of the vaccine is 80% effective and the second dose is 96% effective against the Delta variant, the report said.

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Infection after vaccination can be prevented from becoming serious
. More information about Delta Plus is not currently available. Because of this, various studies are being done all over the world. The primary outcome is that even though the virus is changing itself, the vaccine is the only way to prevent infection.

The WHO has also said that the vaccine may not prevent the transmission of the virus, but may save the patient from serious illness and death.

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