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People who go to bed early at night and wake up early in the morning have a 23% lower risk of depression.C

The connection of mental health with sleep: 

If you are surrounded by sadness and stress these days, start waking up an hour earlier than you scheduled. Doing so will make you feel more energized and refreshed. According to JAMA Psychiatry, waking up just an hour early can reduce the risk of depression by 23 percent.

Researchers at Boulder University in Colorado, MIT and Harvard's Broad Institute studied 840,000 people, and found that the habit of sleeping at night and waking up in the morning affected the risk of depression.

The lockdown has affected people's sleeping patterns. In such a situation this study may prove to be important.

There is a connection between bedtime and mental health
, said Sevin Vetter, an assistant professor and senior writer at CU Boulder. How appropriate is it for? The study found that going to bed one hour early at night and waking up an hour early in the morning reduced the risk of depression.

Problems related to mental health affect sleeping patterns
This previous study found that people who wake up at night have a higher risk of depression than people who wake up early in the morning. Then they go to bed at any time. But any problem related to mental health can affect sleeping patterns, so it took researchers a long time to find out the reason behind it.

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In 2018, Veterans published a study of 32,000 nurses that found that people who woke up four years early had a 27 percent lower chance of depression.

Early sleep also
lowers the risk of depression Studies have shown that if a person who usually goes to bed at 1 o'clock goes to bed at 11 o'clock at night, he can reduce the risk of depression by about 40 percent.

It is not clear from the study whether people who have already got up early will benefit from getting up early. Because, the biological clock, or circadian rhythm, varies in most people.

Forced waking up in the morning is harmful, so it is necessary to improve the body clock
According to Celine Waiter, when someone is forced to go against their body clock and wake up late or get up early in the morning, it also has a bad effect. 

Coercion with the body is never beneficial. Let people follow their circadian clock according to the body's biological clock, it will improve their performance. In this case, if you want to change the habit of waking up late or going to bed late in the morning, it is necessary to improve the body clock. For that you have to pay attention to everything from your food to workout, sleep-wake.

Getting up early in the morning also affects mood
Some research has found that people who get up early in the morning get more light exposure during the day. This causes hormonal changes and also affects people's mood.

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