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Rathyatra of Lord Jagannath will start with curfew on entire route in Ahmedabad, all bridges will be closed, distribution of prasad will be stopped

Rathyatra will be 'Dur Thi Darshan':

Preparations for the Rathyatra: A water yatra will be organized before the Jagannath Rathyatra, water will be brought and anointed in 108 kalash, less than 50 people will be present.

All bridges will remain closed until the rathyatra returns to its original temple
Anyone who has taken two doses of the vaccine will be given priority
Police-outposts were set up outside all the shops and polls on the route of the rathyatra


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The government has given permission to hold a rath yatra in Ahmedabad. Minister of State for Home Pradipsinh Jadeja has announced this today. He said a rath yatra would be held along the implementation of curfew on the entire route, but no prasad would be given. All devotees have to do darshan online. All bridges connecting east and west will remain closed until the rathyatra leaves in the morning and returns. People living on the route will not be able to invite guests home. Only 5 vehicles will be present in the rathyatra. Sailors should have a negative RT-PCR test 48 hours earlier. Preference will be given to sailors who have received two doses of the vaccine. Taking one dose is mandatory.

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Shah will be present at the Mangala Aarti, CM will perform the Phind ritual
. Curfew has been imposed on the place where the rathyatra is to be passed and the visitors are allowed to approach the chariot and return to the temple till the rathyatra does not violate the protocol of the corona. Ahmedabad is a historic and grand rath yatra in which the country's Home Minister Amit Shah will be present inside the Mangala Aarti in the morning as per the tradition of the years. The procession will start in the morning in the presence of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel in the presence of a limited number of people.

Live appeared to be sitting at home
Pradipsinh is further stated that these concerns are the reason we experience a second wave koronani and the state government for a potential third wave is now planned in advance. These protocols are kept in place so that no problem arises due to this. I urge people to have live coverage of the Rathyatra. So that people gather in different polos, rather than mass meals. No one is allowed to come on the road to watch under the Corona protocol in Teva and watch through the TV channel's live coverage.

Three vehicles with 3 chariots and mahant allowed in
rathyatra up to five vehicles Traditional 3 raths of rathyatra, five vehicles with mahant shree will be allowed. Sailors who are pulling a chariot must have received a 48-hour RT-PCR negative and the first dose of vaccine, and preference will be given to sailors who have taken both doses. It has been instructed that the distance should be within the prescribed amount and no one should be present on the chariot except the appointed persons. Those who join the rathyatra will have to follow face cover, mask, social distance. The decision has been taken by CM Rupani within the core committee on how to preserve the faith of the people by continuously studying the cases of corona even in the midst of corona epidemic.

There will be no elephants, trucks, bhajan congregations and akhadas,
especially the rathyatra in Ahmedabad city will be held at the appointed time in Sarsapur Mosal after leaving the Nij Mandir and the investment will be made till the scheduled time and again till the Nij Mandir is reached. This time the rathyatra has been done differently than the traditional rathyatra. Elephants, trucks, chants and arenas are not allowed.

The area of ​​7 police stations is associated with rath yatra and curfew will be imposed in it. Advance people have been informed that all bridges connecting West and East Ahmedabad will be closed for traffic as the chariot leaves and returns from Nijmandri.

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Police Arrangements
Arranged Police Arrangements have been arranged this year as well as last year following the rath yatra. A police cordon has also been set up at Bhagwan's Mosal Saraspur from today. Police-arrangements have been made outside all the shops and polling booths along the route of the rathyatra. It is also being constantly monitored by higher authorities.


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have been finalized with only 4 days left for the procession of Lord Jagannathji on all the roads to Saraspur . Preparations are in full swing at the Nijmandir, while preparations have also been started at God's Mosal Saraspur. The influx of devotees visiting the Sarsapur Ranchodji Temple has increased and will continue to increase. In view of all the arrangements, arrangements have been made on Saraspur Temple, Saraspur Main Road, Pol and all the roads to Saraspur.

Police from outside have also reached Sarsapur to take care of the procession.

Police from outside have also reached Saraspur to cover the Rathyatra at a distance of 50 to 100 meters . PSI and 4 policemen have been deployed at every 50 to 100 meters. The route is being monitored by foot patrols by senior local police officials and high-ranking officials from outside. Apart from the police, a CRPF team was also seen on the scene. The same arrangement will now be maintained till the day of the Rathyatra.

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barely 4 days left before the rath yatra, police-security personnel have been deployed on the entire route of the rath yatra from Wednesday. Currently, 10 SRP companies have also been deployed for the rath yatra. The rathyatra is likely to take place on a scheduled route like every year, so now the police have started preparations in that direction.

Apart from the police, a CRPF team was also seen on the scene.

About 70 police personnel from each police station have been called in for the
Rathyatra route. Police personnel from outside will also arrive today.

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