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Reliance Jiana's smashing plan, get the features including double data by spending two rupees more - Learn Quickly

Currently, telecom companies are coming up with new plans to attract more and more customers. In which Geo is also not behind. Geo has launched a banger plan for its customers. You can get great offers with more data by spending just two rupees more.

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Telecom companies are constantly launching new recharge plans for their customers. Number one telecom company Reliance Jio also has a hefty plan. Apart from this, Geo has plans that have no data limit. Reliance Jio has two plans at Rs 597 and Rs 599.

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The distance between the two is only two rupees, but when it comes to facilities, there is a big gap between the two. Let us know that you can get double data by spending only two rupees more. In the village of Geo with 597 rupees, you get 90 days validity. In this plan of Geo, users get 75GB of data. The data in this plan comes without daily limit.

 That means you can also use 75 GB of data in a day. The plan offers the benefit of free calling on any network. The plant has the facility to send 100 SMS per day along with a free subscription to Geo Apps.

Similarly, Jio has launched a Rs 599 plan with a validity of 84 days. This plan also comes with 2 GB of data per day. In which customers get 168 GB of high speed data. As the data limit expires, its speed drops to 64 kbps. Also get 100 SMS per day. This plan comes with Disney + Hotstar subscription free for one year at no charge.

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